LEGO will always be number one in my heart so like i said

Duplo was probably by far the worst waste of money and time and development when they could have put all of that effort into making LEGO even better than it is today. LEGO will always be number one in my heart so like i said already get that fucking duplo shit out of here you LEGO hater. If LEGO isn number one for you then you don belong.

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Fannie Mae is a New York Stock Exchange company and the largest non bank financial services company in the world. It operates pursuant to a federal charter and is the nation’s largest source of financing for home mortgages. Fannie Mae is working to shrink the nation’s «homeownership gaps» through a $2 trillion «American Dream Commitment» to increase homeownership rates and serve 18 million targeted American families by the end of the decade..

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