This is the minimum amount employers are legally required to

Hermes Belt Replica She taught in Glenwood, MN two years. On August 25, 1957 she was united in marriage to Kenneth Martens at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church. Following their marriage, Lila taught in Dilworth, MN while Ken furthered his education at NDSU in Fargo, ND. A number of employees could have been underpaid by some of Britain’s most famous high street namesGet money updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThe government has named and shamed more than 360 employers in Britain for failing to pay its staff the minimum wage in a move that could trigger a wave of tribunal claims.The full list which you can see here reveals all the firms that refused to cough up the statutory rate in 2015 with high street giant Debenhams accused of failing to pay almost to an estimated 11,858 workers.A further 15,500 of the lowest paid workers in Britain were also found to have been underpaid to the tune of almost a Excuses for underpaying staff included using tips to top up pay, docking wages to pay for Christmas parties, and making staff pay for their own uniforms.Debenhams said it made a ‘technical error’ in its payroll calculations, which resulted in an average underpayment of around per person to affected workers in 2015.The list also includes 84 firms in the hospitality industry, 51 in retail, 39 hairdressers and 24 in social care.Retail store Peacocks failed to pay to 42 workers in 2015.Understanding zero hours contracts: What are they and what are your legal rights?The Business Department said more than 1,500 cases are being worked on by HM Revenue and Customs, with more firms set to be named.Each year, the government releases a comprehensive list of the companies that have failed to pay the statutory rate for that year.The full list of employers paying staff below the national minimum wageRead MoreWhat to do if you work/have worked for one of these firms If you work/worked for any of these companies in 2015 and think you may have been underpaid, is it likely you’ll have heard from them by now to rectify the issue.If you no longer work there, but feel you may have been at risk, get in touch with its HR department, or HMRC for advice on how to get your money back.Two of the biggest UK chains in the list are clothing retailers Debenhams and Peacocks.Debenhams says it has already paid back staff affected and confirmed 100% of outstanding payments have now been made.A spokesman said: » Debenhams made a technical error in its payroll calculations, which resulted in an average underpayment of around per person to the affected colleagues in 2015.»As a responsible employer Debenhams is committed to the national minimum wage, and as soon as the error was identified by a routine HMRC audit last year, we reimbursed all those affected.»We have apologised to all our colleagues affected and have taken steps to ensure it cannot happen again.»A spokesperson for Peacocks Stores said: «Fundamentally we do not underpay our staff, they tell us that they prefer to receive a monthly salary based on the average hours they work rather than a fluctuating amount each month.»This means their monthly pay is sometimes greater than the hours they have worked during that month, and on occasion, it is less. This is purely a timing issue based on the preferences of our employees and no one is underpaid over the year.»If you’re worried you may be owed money, you can get in touch with the Citizens Advice Bureau they can help answer any questions you may have surrounding your rights and what you can do about it.The minimum wage: Your rights The ‘national living wage’ is the new name for the ‘national minimum wage’ for those aged 25 or older. This is the minimum amount employers are legally required to pay their staff.The national living wage is set to rise on April 1 to an hour and, by 2020, is set to reach an hour for over 25s.. Hermes Belt Replica

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