Early in the commercial, they show an image of blackheads on

Wholesale Replica Bags HomeNewsUK NewsMinistry of DefenceCancer stricken veteran asks Defence Secretary: «Would you sail into nuclear fallout, like I had to?»Bob Malcolmson spent 16 hours in a radioactive cloud and wonders whether Gavin Williamson would expect a medal for doing the sameGet daily news updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA hero riddled with illness after being ordered into the fallout of two nuclear bombs has demanded the Defence Secretary answer whether he would do the same.Bob Malcolmson is dying from his third type of cancer and has backed the Mirror’s campaign for a medal for Britain’s nuclear test veterans before it is too late for him and hundreds of others.Bob, 80, said: «It would be recognition of what happened to us. Some of the things we were asked to do they’d never get away with today.»I’d like to ask Gavin Williamson if he’d go on a warship that spent 16 hours in radioactive fallout like I had to, and whether he’d think it was worth a medal if he did.»Bob, originally from Belfast, was a boy sailor who joined the navy at 15.After each explosion, the vessel was ordered to spend eight hours in the fallout as her 300 crew were locked below decks, in order to see what effect radiation had on the ship.Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson under pressure to publish secret nuclear test documentsHer commander, Captain John Gower, later wrote in a memoir: «We were required to steam through the fallout from two nuclear explosions, to deliberately contaminate our ship and to continue to serve in a ship, parts of which had been unacceptably radioactive.»He added: «Unknown to me at the time, since 1953 the chiefs of staff had wanted to know what effect an atomic explosion would have on ships, their contents, equipment and men. How much radioactivity could a ship withstand and remain operational?»The Mosaic devices were detonated on land, on towers 100ft high.Capt Gower wrote: «The purpose of our tests at the time was to show Washington and Moscow that we were a full member of the nuclear club. Wholesale Replica Bags

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