Nick found his courage, Serena finally saw that Gilead was a

Spoilers S2 E13 No Traction

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«But Aunt Lydia doesn’t die,» he continued. «She’s transformed by this event, one of her girls she has twisted herself into thinking there is a love between her and her girls has literally stabbed her in the back.

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Canada Goose Outlet I think you have a point about S2 being less tightly scripted canada goose outlet store toronto and subject to some lazy writing. However I give the creators the benefit of the doubt at the moment. My view is that they were originally only financed for buy canada goose uk 1 series and this limited their ambition for expanding the book narrative. So not knowing if they would get a series 2 or beyond they decided to canada goose uk do a contained S1 that in effect told June book story and didn have many loose ends. For this reason S2 needed to most of the work to widen the narrative and the characterisation, setting the scene for the future in a way S1 couldn they did move the story forward by the end of S2, when all of the Waterford Household rebelled against Fred and the regime, including Serena. Fred was exposed as a vain sadistic hypocrite. Nick found his courage, Serena finally saw that Gilead was a fallacy, Rita revealed the Martha Sisterhood and June walked away with the baby. For me this foreshadows the defeat of Gilead and was inspired by Eden martyrdom and pure goodness. I think the small rebellion was canada goose parka uk significant and all of our main characters advanced. Canada Goose Outlet

That the storytelling isn epic is deliberate and a nod to the book epilogue. We see Gilead through the experiences of a small number of people. My theory is that creators want to tell an expanded Handmaid Tale, with June own story but also those of the people she lived through it with and who lived to tell her the things she didn see. For this reason a flashback (that June isn part of) will be an important tell as to whether a character lives to tell her their story. So because Eden died, the only story June will tell in the future canada goose outlet locations in toronto is that of the experiences she had with Eden. But my hope is that Lawerence’s house becomes the centre of the story. We have had hints it is a safe house and it is a house of rebellion and resistance. A June in hiding could end up here with the others visiting and interacting. A big hint to this is Cora. Book June lives with a Cora and a Rita. Ok, at the same time but I see this as a link.

Canada Goose Jackets Season 3 is about resistance and the Lawrence house is the house of resistance. Plus interactions between June and C. Lawrence and Serena and C. Lawrence are going to be interesting to say the least. He is very provocative and he rattled Emily, think what he will do to these two. As an added bonus we may get the Cora and Rita double act of Martha bickering. The handmaids take is an important piece of a jigsaw of history that needs to told with the voices of hundreds of others. The additional characters widen the perspective from the book and start to give us cheap canada goose glimpses of the bigger picture. Each of them represents an important element of society before and through Gilead. Canada Goose Jackets

June’s legacy will be her story and that of the others. There are a lot more people working at keeping Gilead the way it is than shown on screen and we only just met Lawrence, who knows who else stands behind that thick government curtain and what grey morality they have in themselves, all I know is that the government is stable because it has deep roots in the country of which we only seen the fruits in form of the Council.

canada goose clearance Additionally, while I was frustrated with June coming back to the Waterfords time and time again, it did help to reveal something new about Gilead and, to a large extent, Serena and her shaky stand on her self created predicament; so I believe that it wasn completely in vain. For what it worth, I think that at the moment, they are using Canada only as a prop to juxtapose the societal/governmental disparities in the two countries and nothing more. She may have a larger role to play next season and the one after canada goose clearance.

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