Combine that primitive knowledge with a need to keep people in

Are you afraid of going to Hell

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There is more faith in honest doubt than in a thousand creeds, as has been said in a bit of an canada goose outlet winnipeg address embellishment of Tennyson’s original quote. The concept of Hell is an Abrahamic one. I don’t think Judaism, the oldest of the three, even takes it literally anymore. If you were born in another country where the Middle Eastern religious system isn’t predominant, the concept wouldn’t even occur to you.

I’m not an Atheist, but neither am I a medievalist. I refuse to believe in a Godhead who demands surrender and admonishes human frailties under penalty of eternal damnation. If you are afraid, think of it this way: there is Christianity and there is canada goose clothing uk Christ Consciousness. Two separate things. The latter will get you further, because it is not based on fear. It is based on unconditional love and is open to deep and sincere inquiry. And besides, if you are looking at Christianity, for example, which brand do you choose? Each one is going to tell you they are the correct one, but that’s just ego speak.

I would seek out many different faiths if you are interested in religion to any degree. Check them all out. Listen deeply to what is being said by each. Some are very poetic, like Sufism. Some are very consciousness oriented, like Buddhism. Some are very ritualistic, like Anglicanism. An extremely limited list, but you get the idea.

Canada Goose Online I hope you will come to a place of no fear. Read, «The Prophet,» by Kahlil Gibran. He was a man of intense Christ Consciousness. Canada Goose Online

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I have never once been presented with any scientific evidence that Hell exists, any more than scientific evidence for Heaven is forthcoming.

canada goose uk black friday These concepts were invented by primitive man when scientific knowledge was in its infancy. canada goose outlet store toronto These days, with the far greater knowledge that we have available, we should be far more capable of understanding that we are mortal and when the brain switches off, we will lose all awareness and nothing will follow. canada goose uk black friday

Meanwhile I will go on living my life as an honourable person who obeys the civil law, and contributes in a positive way to society as long as my mortal body lets me breathe.

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Fear of Hell was an canada goose jacket outlet store excellent way to control people in ancient times when there was no such thing as a separation of church and government. Back then, ancient societies had little understanding of the world and how things work. Combine that primitive knowledge with a need to keep people in line etc. and you see why the promise of heaven and threat of hell were a great tool.

Sadly, this nonsense still exists today and it scares people into not living authentically or cheap canada goose exploring the deeper questions and meaning of life for fear of displeasing «God».

I was brought up in a religious home full of fear of hell and damnation. If it was fun, you better stop doing it or you’ll go to hell. eyeroll. Eventually, you come to a place where you realize, you are no better or worse than most people around you for the most part.

canada goose coats on sale I never understood the whole «Love God or else!» thing taught by religions, until I studied history, other religions etc and came to the conclusion that God (as a judgmental male deity) is a man made construct. canada goose coats on sale

It’s very freeing to not live my life trying to appease or fear an entity that canada goose factory outlet toronto location apparently knows very little about the unconditional love he supposedly doles out. It’s more like emotional abuse the way it was taught to me. «I love you but if you don’t do what I say or you commit this sin or you think for yourself and you’ll go to hell for all eternity». Does that sound like a loving creator to you? Or a way to fear monger people into canada goose vest outlet doing what you want? think about it.

If there is a loving God that is a deity in power If he’s «all loving» there canada goose outlet uk sale is no way «he» would send any of his children for eternal punishment. I’m a mere mortal and I wouldn’t do that to my children.

Canada Goose Outlet No I don’t think about hell. Some might argue we’re already in hell. Canada Goose Outlet

Personally speaking I know people who honestly believe they will be reunited with the deceased pets in heaven! Surly we know their pets never accepted Christ or followed any other religious dogma!

Some folks believed it was possible to be a member of the KKK and a Christian at the same time. Beliefs are amazing!

canada goose clearance When it comes to «heaven» and «hell» I suspect the concepts were designed to encourage or discourage behavior. In many parts o the world (religion) was the foundation of government. Different factions and denominations splintered off on their own. canada goose clearance

Then it became not enough for canada goose outlet store montreal you to believe in God but you have to believe in «the right God» or canada goose outlet uk follow the «right faith» or go to hell.

Only «our group» of good people can go to heaven.

Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that exactly 144,000 faithful Christians go to heaven to rule with Christ in the kingdom of God.

canadian goose jacket Now that may have sounded like a «lot of people» back when Revelation 14:1 4 was written but out of over {7 Billion people} we have today that’s fairly small. There are 196 countries in the world today which means on average only 735 people per country will be going to heaven. Hell must be one HUGE place! canadian goose jacket

Romans 6:23

«For the wages of sin is {death}; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.» (Death doesn’t sound like hell).

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