What had happened was I had been having a little abdominal

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I was a competitive swimmer on a club team for about 9 years (pre diagnosis). I definitely credit my training to keeping my joints together as long as it did. The only reason I stopped was because I got an injury unrelated to EDS that put me out for a little bit and then all my joints started falling apart.

Canada Goose sale I was diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome. I recently had a bilateral ovarian vein ablation. It presented as worsening lower right quadrant pain along with a few other things like worsening low blood pressure and GI tract problems but one of the common canada goose outlet sale symptoms is supposedly painful sex. I had a CT scan to diagnose mine. Canada Goose sale

Hope you find an answer and some relief 🙂

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THANK YOU!! When I was getting evaluated for Endo, I actually brought up Pelvic Congestion canada goose outlet in chicago Syndrome w/Dr. Cook.

canada goose store I have perfect blood pressure, but have always eaten https://www.canada-goosejacketsale.net a lot of salt, much to the dismay of my friends family. Only since being Dx’d w/EDS did I finally get the «okay» (and encouragement) to consume salt for BP/Dysautonomia issues. I’d been canada goose outlet uk sale self medicating with salt without knowing it! Ha! canada goose store

canada goose uk black friday I do have GI issues they have been increasing recently. canada goose uk black friday

Canada Goose Outlet Would you mind sharing what your GI symptoms were? Canada Goose Outlet

And also the symptoms you experienced that caused your docs to suspect Pelvic Congestion?

I’m especially interested in this as the lower R quadrant pain has had lots of people stumped!

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uk canada goose Ah yes, I self medicated unconsciously too! That how I held myself together for about 2 years until this past February cheap canada goose when it got too bad. I was once canada goose outlet hong kong diagnosed with Dysautonomia. They quickly found out I was eating enough salt to kill an elephant lol. uk canada goose

A lot of GI symptoms we had attributed to post infectious IBS as I had C. diff two years ago (unrelated health crisis!) but only after my surgery did I realize it was Pelvic Congestion.

I try to list out some symptoms.

Noisy, irritable bowels.

Frequent bowel movements. It would anywhere from 2 6 trips before I would finally be clear. So: diarrhea.

My intestines would cramp in between incomplete bowel movements. Kinda felt like a charlie horse inside.

cheap canada goose uk Increasingly I was unable to tolerate foods I had eaten all my life. I have to eliminate foods until I was on the most basic diet. Pretty much it was anything that was super easy to digest. canada goose outlet vancouver Otherwise I would feel kinda sick and queasy, like feeling right on the edge of needing to run to the bathroom. cheap canada goose uk

The last couple of months I got really nauseous and started vomiting.

Canada Goose online > These symptoms started out a less severe. I would maybe get a cramp or two a week, sometimes a little nausea. Over time it seemed to grow and at the end it went really fast. Canada Goose online

canada goose factory sale So for your second question, my doctor actually never thought of Pelvic Congestion. What had happened was I had been having a little abdominal pain off and on all semester. Not too bad, but becoming more and more of a canada goose outlet germany problem along with my worsening GI symptoms. Then I canada goose outlet store uk had a big test at my university on Monday, so I started studying around the Monday before. All week I had been sitting through classes and coming straight home to study all evening. Well the veins become more clogged with blood when you upright, especially in a seated position. So by Saturday my subconscious realized it didn hurt so bad if I stayed in bed (it a little easier for the blood to flow without gravity pulling it down). canada goose factory sale

By Monday morning I was struggling to focus or get out of bed because it was hurting so bad. Doctor assumed I had an appendicitis (It hurt when she pushed on my abdomen but that only because that pushes the blood around in those congested veins). She sent me for a stat CT scan and it canada goose womens outlet just so happened the radiologist reading the scan saw one of the veins. She immediately referred me to an interventional radiologist which is who later did my surgery.

canada goose coats So lower right quadrant pain canada goose outlet florida was the main symptom I came in with, but I got lucky they caught it on the CT. They found it was much worse during my operation because the CT didn show the full extent. When I went for my post op check up the IR doctor said he had 2 other consults that week for possible pelvic congestion with that same pain as me. Might not be a bad idea to see if you can get a referral! canada goose coats

The one thing my OB checked before I had surgery to make sure this wasn endometriosis was: does it change with position? Specifically do you get any relief from lying down and does it get worse after being upright? If yes Pelvic Congestion.

Anyway, sorry this is so long. I feel like I have my life back now after surgery and I just want to give whatever information I can to help you get better too. I be glad to answer anything else on here or through PM.

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