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Sarah Kliff brings transparency to ER prices

A subreddit for really great, insightful articles, reddiquette, reading before voting and the hope to generate intelligent discussion on the topics of these articles.Consider posting constructive criticism / an explanation when you downvote something. This isn us. This is our employer and your insurer. I have no clue what it will cost when you see me for something; it completely dependent on the bullshit behind closed doors contract negotiations taken up between healthcare systems and insurance companies, translated into billing. It a game that were not invited to. The cost breakdown of healthcare is such that doctor salaries are an ever shrinking minority component, while administrative costs are exploding. Something fucked up when people think we rich and just want money but, even as a doctor, I will be indebted until my mid 40s for going to school to be a doctor. Vote canada goose outlet in vancouver for single payer, and this will stop.It because they don know and they don decide. Your insurance dictates everything about the cost. It doesn matter what I bill, the insurance is just going to cross it off and tell me what I allowed to bill. Your plan and group has a fee schedule and the insurance isn going to deviate from that. What your deductible? What your out of pocket max? Does your plan have out of network benefits? Are your deductibles combined or separate? Does your deductible and co insurance cross accumulate? It really frustrating that patients don know these things.No out of network benefits? You gonna be self pay for some of it. Did you ask for the cash price? In my state, we required to list the 20 most common procedures and the cash price for them.No insurance? That sucks, but again, you be self pay and can ask about the cash price.I hand out estimates all day long. canada goose womens outlet The vast majority of patients I canada goose outlet see have no canada goose outlet uk sale idea what their plan looks like. They picked the lowest premium during open enrollment and never spent another minute thinking about it. Suddenly they stuck paying that $7,000 deductible and it somehow the doctor fault that their crappy, cheap plan canada goose outlet toronto location is, well, crappy.Is canada goose outlet woodbury there blame to go around? Sure, but the doctor/hospital is taking a lot more of it than they really should because they the easiest target. They have to compete for your business, unlike insurance, and with the HIPPA law it not like they can argue back in self defense.You want a single payor? Awesome. Me too. Until then, change the system that requires people to get insurance through work. That makes the employer the customer, not you. The insurance company has no incentive to take care of you. As long as they can keep the employer side contribution down, they keep getting customers. Let these companies compete over individuals, like car insurance does. Stop artificially restricting canada goose outlet price choices to what the employer feels like offering. As a physician. I canada goose sale uk don get a penny based on what I prescribe. Generic. Brand name. Drug A vs drug B. This applies to the vast majority of physicians in the US. Your insurance has more do with it and it doesn even make sense at times. I literally had brand name cost less than generic for certain patients because of what insurance covers aka the deal insurance made with the drug company.I hate be the bearer of bad news but maybe just maybe your perception of healthcare is pretty off with the reality. As much as I wish Johnson and Johnson would pay my rent, they donI agree that something needs to change, but not necessarily a single payer. There are many multipayor systems that do not have this same problem japan, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy these are all multipayor systems that do not have this problem. The ACA actually has components that address this. Medicaid actually is canada goose outlet store uk big on fragmented billing processes. You can have universal healthcare without single payor, and according to the world health organizations data, multipayor systems outperform single payor systems overall. It isn quite like the German model, but knowing the private insurers in the US, they not going to take more regulation kindly if you read the book Health Policy, you get a good idea of exactly what goes into the other options from around the world. At least from what I read, it looks. inevitable that there will be further waste and lobbying efforts if a full single payer option isn considered, canada-gooseoutlets as none of the insurers we have today will bend to peoples will (thanks to campaign financing laws). They need to be eliminated, with their workforce somehow folded into the new system, to reduce costs overall.The ama has frightening power in America. Has the ama ever come out for transparency? Has the ama has working groups on how to gain transparency for it members who treat?I had a discussion with a doctor once about a treatment path, and she didn canada goose outlet ottawa know how to get the prices of different treatment paths inside her hospital. Had no idea, had never tried. Sorry, that is lazy, and every doctor who has never tried to figure out costs because it is too hard is fooling themselves.You can do a modest amount of Truth telling to each patient, and within your treatment environment, by simply asking your superiors how you are supposed to get the costs, how to refer patients to an internal person to get cost information, and to tell your patients about different treatments that may be at different cost points.

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