We been broadly aware of them for a while since at least the

canada goose outlet canada He told me in the hospital «Don’t you dare die before me, who will ever look after your mother» the words still engraved in my brain. His recovery was fairly quick, but a few weeks later the big one hit, paralysis of half the body, speech difficulties, a fast fading body, bed sores, immobility, difficulty eating, bed ridden and all the other horrors of a major stroke. Did this ever take the smile off his face? Never, his natural charm still shone through, his memory faded quickly, and on days I found myself having to move imagined German Tanks out of his window view.. canada goose outlet canada

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And when he saw that Taser beam on his chest, he was trying to run away from the cops. The defense says he was trying to break into the woman’s house and that when he saw those Taser beams, he was charging at the cops. After 11 days, the jury goes to deliberate..

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