On the same token realize that by having too many rigid rules

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I had a long (honestly unproductive) discussion on another comment thread where I said something similar.What it boils down to this, you allowed to canada goose factory outlet toronto location make whatever rules you want canada goose parka outlet uk for your relationships, you get to decide what ok for canada goose outlet toronto factory you. Maybe you prefer a certain hair color, that fine, maybe you want someone with a silly sense of humor, that also fine. You get to make as many of those rules as you want and maybe some are flexible (like maybe hair color doesn matter that much, but you prefer redheads), while others are maybe rigid (like wanting kids). At the end of the day you trying to find someone to spend a lot of your life with, so makes sure you know what you want and what matters to you.On the same token realize that by having too many rigid rules you can make it impossible to find someone (ex.You get to determine the kind of partner you want without being derided.Someone can decide they want sex to be special and want a partner that feels that way as well both having relatively low number, those people are in no way bad people.Someone else can decide that sex is no different than getting coffee and have a 100% open relationship where both of them have many partners, these people are also in no way bad people.And everywhere in between, those decisions don make you a «little boy», immoral, a slut, or any other derisive term. It just makes you a person, one with their own desires and preferencesIn both groups (and all in between) you will also find those that have a toxic relationship with their sexuality. You have a religious zealot on one end who may deny himself his own desires to the point of victimizing others, on the other you may have someone who uses sex to victimize others. They would both be on opposite sides of the spectrum as far as partner count etc, but both have a toxic relationship with their sexual nature.The OP and his GF are both 19 and likely have nothing figured out. He is having a dilemma of how to come to terms with her sexual history, he has to find out not what WE think he should think but what HE thinks and how he wants to go forward. He may come out the other side realizing that to him the number doesn matter, or he may need to reevaluate how he been treating sex as he want something else. I not concerned about where he lands on that spectrum, I only found the original comment to be inadequate for what it seemed he needed.To me that what sex positivity is, not having sex be above reproach, but to not shaming people for their sexual decisions whether they choose to treat sex no different than a cup of coffee with a friend or want it to be some kind of special thing.The ability to let something go and let it be in the past is something that only happens once you come to terms, so in this perspective I don think it helpful as he hasn come to terms with her past and it is bothering him. He needs to find out what that means to him before he can move on.I of the opinion that in a relationship you get to make your own definitions and rules, if he thinks blowjobs are sex then they sex as far as his relationship is concerned. We all make our own rules we just need to make sure our partners know the rules too.Of canada goose outlet website legit course there are bad reasons to have a high sexual partner number. canada goose victoria parka outlet This isn canada goose outlet about slut shaming but just honesty, a serial cheater will have a high number, a rapist has a high number, a victim of sexual abuse will likely have a high number (this isn » bad» for them but it a pretty bad reason), people with impulse control issues can have a high number. There are plenty others that I could think of that range from pretty bad to just kinda «gray», but acting like there can be no bad reasons to have a lot of sex just seems disingenuous.Like any behavior there is some middle ground between «never it a sin» and «you an alcoholic that destroyed your family». There usually a reasonable balance, sex is no different. The OP canada goose outlet mall isn seeking to time travel to have her unsex 30 people he trying to wrap his head around what that means for her and him and if that something www.canadagoosesalesuss.com he ok with.I personally wouldn be ok with that because that a very high number at that age; it either means they have been having sex since before they were 14 or that they had a new sexual partner every 48 days in high school. As you stated both of those would shape who she is today and she can change that, and the OP should be honest with himself about that. Ultimately he gets to decide what he wants, but the statement «what happened has happened» doesn do much good.More often then not there is a control and power dynamic. They old enough to have things that can make a young girl feel special (from monetary to social), and can use that to gain favor. The relationships tend to be lopsided and the man can goose outlet canada use to control canada goose outlet michigan the young lady.Just check this sub canada goose outlet in toronto or others like it, look at the gaps and problems, if there more than 10 year agr difference with the guy being older and the womanObviously generalizing but I think it really just a combination of predatory men will go after and manipulate young women, along with many women finding maturity, financial stability, confidence and other things that come with age attractive.

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