Because if there one thing I learned while being molested and

Not Facebook but still absurd dude thinks pedophilia is fine

It never said he was a paedophile. It said that there were people put there who don vilify people for their sexual preference.Again, these people didn ask for it.The real monsters are the child predators or those who seek out positions where they can take advantage of children (my middle school principal was a pedophile, he had wife and two daughter, he was found to have thousands of CP images on his school computer: what a sicko to know you have these thoughts and put yourself and the students in that position)I actually did a paper on this once. Something to consider:Pedophilia is a mental disorder. Mental disorders need treatment, but people fear being judged if they confess to having a mental disorder, and it definitely worse if the immediate reaction is something like «you a monster» or «kill yourself». Especially in the case of canada goose outlet jackets pedophilia, a common fear is that mental health professionals will report them to the government and they go to jail or their life will be otherwise ruined, even if they haven done anything wrong. And that fear is pretty understandable; even people acquitted of possession of child pornography have had the rest of their lives utterly ruined by just the accusation. If pedophiles are too afraid to confess they pedophiles, they not going to get help. Vilified, they going to find support groups of other pedophiles. And you can canada goose outlet store calgary see how well that goes on any number of internet sites. When they only people you can talk to are other pedophiles, you become okay with some fucked up shit.A certain canada goose outlet in chicago infamous internet board, for example, had (banned, now) an infamous community of pedophiles who distributed child pornography with the idea that it was a public good, the idea that if a pedophile has easy access to child pornography they probably won molest a real child. That the kind of person someone can become, if they too afraid to get professional help for their pedophilia.I know it feels weird to say «don hate pedophiles». But nobody (sane) canada goose sale uk is saying to be okay with being attracted to children. Pedophilia is a mental condition that causes abuse of children when left unchecked. If you taking away the rights of someone with a mental condition, you not helping children. You driving the problem underground where it festers and explodes and hurts more people. If pedophiles lose their rights they hide their condition and be more likely to give into the urge. I understand that driving these people to suppress their urges for fear of having their rights diminished, rather than getting them help, is going to cause some problems for them. I also like to point out that I have personally witnessed someone who falls under this umbrella willfully deny help when it was offered to him because he was involved with communities which normalized his behavior and he was canada goose outlet canada goose outlet ottawa under the impression that the infringements on his rights were more egregious than abusing a child. He viewed therapy, laws, the police, and jail as equally inconvenient threats to his way of life because he did not think anything was wrong with him, and at the end of the canada goose outlet canada day, he prioritized his lifestyle, safety, and convenience over the safety of a child. He was actively involved in communities which helped him skirt around these «threats» while still abusing and contributing to the abuse of children. The fact is, these people exist. And while it may seem to you like this is the infringement upon someone rights based on a mental condition, I have several mental conditions that stem directly from my experience with one of these people, and if any of them caused a chance that I would canada goose parka uk «explode» and hurt people, I would willfully subject myself to every single precaution that I could until the threat had passed. Including being locked up, if necessary. Because if there one thing I learned while being molested and sexually assaulted by a pedophile for over a decade, it that you can use your canada goose outlet buffalo mental condition as an excuse to hurt other people.Downvote me. These people think that it all hunky dory to look at child porn because it the «lesser evil» and they think they have a right to indulge and feed their pedophilia. However indulging in it, ie. looking at drawn child porn even if no actual children were involved in it, still sends a message that pedophilia is «okay and acceptable». This is disgusting imo. Like how the fuck can you think that indulging in what gets you off is more important than shunning things that encourage/support child abuse?!Experience doesn’t give you an excuse to be a dick. The deliberate conflation of attraction and action, the demonization of anything approaching pedophilia, and the taboo over discussing these issues is innocent people who experience that attraction but choose not to take action are left completely alienated, unable to support or be supported because they fear canada goose kensington parka uk violent treatment at the hands of self righteous peers.That’s an injustice, that’s a lack of compassion and understanding, and that’s why people on reddit always speak up whenever someone pretends that ‘pedophile’ means the same thing as ‘child molester.’ It doesn’t matter if the person saying it is a victim of child molestation. It doesn’t matter who says it, it is always wrong, and it will always be called out as wrong until people stop saying it.lack of compassionI could give two shits about these aspects of it, some days. But the bottom line is, making it difficult or impossible for teenagers or adults with those attractions to seek help without persecution (before they goosecanada offend), acts to perpetuate more offences occurring and thus leads to more victims.

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