The water is alkaline and does not support life forms in the

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The vast majority of Greeks identify as Orthodox, and the church is in the constitution as the prevailing religion of the country. «The Church in Greece is omnipresent,» explained Father Dan Skvir, the Orthodox Christian Chaplain at Princeton University. «There are one or two churches on every block.

Meanwhile the restriction on journalism is Vasundhara Raje unique innovation. Maharashtra, which has similar provisions barring investigation/prosecution without sanction, has not imposed upon journalistic freedom. Secondly, the time granted for sanctioning is 90 not 180 days.

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Lonar Lake is the third largest meteorite crater in the world, but the good thing is, it is not a touristy place. The lake was formed by meteorite that hit earth around 50 thousand years back. The water is alkaline and does not support life forms in the lake, not even bacteria.

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