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It’s possible he is just trying to be friendly with you, but it’s also possible he is just extremely shy. There is no harm in asking, and I can tell you from personal experience I find nothing in the universe more flattering then a woman asking if I am seeing someone. aaa replica bags Worst case, he’s just being friendly, but he’ll still take it as a compliment, and you’ll know for sure..

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To paraphrase Ayn, a good man is a good man regardless of how many other evil men belong to his religion, or claim to. A bad man is still a bad man, no matter how many good men belong to his faith. Individualism ultimately means each man, woman and child is responsible for their actions, not the actions of others..

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Lucknow acts as the focal point for many smaller towns, and monthly gay parties attract people from as far as Gorakhpur, who travel in rickety buses for hours for a glimpse high replica bags of the freedom they cannot imagine in the confinement of their homes. But access to public spaces is tricky, especially because of the fear around section 377. Ask any gay man and you will hear countless stories of blackmail, theft and physical violence..

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