We were so deep in conversation that Barbara didn’t realize

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Since this is a social and writing site I think it is imperative to follow any hubbers whose work you like. I don’t think enough people get this. We all want views and to get it we must be reading others work too. Tens of thousands of militants are believed to have poured into Syria and Iraq following ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi’s declaration of a restored Islamic empire in 2014. Many fighters took women, captured from Yazidi and other minority communities in the region, as sex slaves. Some also brought their wives and children.

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The purpose of the meeting was to interview her, but we became friends that day. I brought along the old NBI record set of her lectures on efficient thinking for her to sign for something I still have and cherish. We were so deep in conversation that Barbara didn’t realize she had signed the cover as «Barbara Barbara,» instead of «Barbara Branden.» I loved it! I pointed out that the great humor in signing her name wrote was that this was an album on efficient thinking!.

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«We have sources on the record saying that there’s a unit within the DEA called the Special Operations Division that is distributing tips (to local police) that lead to investigations or prosecutions daily,» St. Vincent says. «We don’t know what they might be doing that they’re not hermes kelly bag replica disclosing.

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