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cheap replica handbags Indeed, as we’ve reported here at NPR, if Texas goes from being a red to a blue state in coming decades, it will be largely due to the growing numbers of Latino voters.The Lone Star State, which caught the Justice Department’s attention with a voter ID law that the federal government stopped from going into effect in 2012, was quick on the draw after the Supreme Court’s ruling last month, which largely defanged the 1965 law.After the ruling, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said the state would move forward ASAP with its redistricting plans.Given all that, why not make Texas the first state to be challenged by the Justice Department under what remains of its enforcement powers under the Voting Rights Act?A month ago, Attorney General Eric Holder foreshadowed the lawsuit, which he announced Thursday at the National Urban League conference in Philadelphia. Supreme Court released its Shelby County v. Holder opinion, Holder said the administration would use «every legal tool that remains available to us.»The Justice Department is now asking a federal court in Texas to require the state to get pre clearance for changes to voting laws under a buy replica bags section of the Voting Rights Act that wasn’t at issue in the Supreme Court ruling.And while Texas is up first, states like North Carolina, Florida and Louisiana just had the equivalent of a shot fired across their bows.Rick Hasen, one of the nation’s leading election law experts and a professor of law and political science at the University of California School of Law, Irvine, called the Justice Department move a «big deal» in a post on his «Election Law Blog.»It means that DOJ is going to move aggressively to try to restore what it can of the preclearance regime the Supreme Court effectively gutted in its Shelby County decision cheap replica handbags.

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