Not a good Muslim, lolol! Things like that

Living in a European country I see this disturbing type of racism/misogyny where non Muslim people (secretly) mock or shame women for wearing both Hijab and make up, or both Hijab and a relatively short skirt. Not a good Muslim, lolol! Things like that. So you get white, non Muslim people becoming enforcers of Islamic clothing rules, aiding and participating in the oppression of Muslim women! They just hate these people, and they just hate women.

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Hashmi claimed, in an explosive Press conference that Imran was following a ‘Script’ to derail democracy in Pakistan. Hashmi also claimed that the long march and the anti democracy conspiracy, had been in the making since 2013. Hashmi also disclosed that Khan had told him canada goose outlet parka and several other party members that PTI can’t work without the help from the military establishment.

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