They have reached number 93 in the Now That’s What I Call

canada goose Tags Ancient Craic feel old old school State See other tags Tags 15 things that are guaranteed to make Irish people feel old Some facts. Some experiences. So old. By David Elkin Tuesday 12 Jul 2016, 9:26 PM Jul 12th 2016, 9:26 PM 19,647 Views 4 Comments http://canada goose jackets uk/2874723 Share836 Tweet Email 1. Fergus from War of the Buttons is now 37 years old Source: WarnerThe film was released in 1994 and we are all fossils.2. Watching the Euros and realising that a rake of players were born in the mid-90s and you’re now ancientIf everyone wanted a reminder of how old you're feeling Canada Goose , someone born in 1997 (Ninety Seven) has just scored at the Euros! 😩— Louis McMahon (@LouisMc89) June 30, 2016 Source: Louis McMahon/Twitter1997 ffs.Global sporting icons keep getting younger as we all push on towards our pension.3. The Nokia 3210 was unleashed on the world 17 years ago and you still have fond memories of the beast Source: Youtube4. That means there are a whole host of people of legal drinking age that have never sampled the simple delights of Snake Source: Ytimg5. They have reached number 93 in the Now That’s What I Call Music compilation and we are all crumbling antiques at this stage Source: YtimgFor some context: Now 55 contained such 2003 bangers as Ignition (Remix) and Real Things by Javine.6. You can barely remember what year you did the Leaving Cert in because it’s SO LONG AGO now Source: Laura Hutton/RollingNewsBest not to think about it. And when you hear someone who did theirs in 2013, try not to shrivel into a ball and weep for your lost youth.7. Maniac 2000 has been out for 16 years now and is getting closer and closer to being classified as an “oldie”Maniac 2000 came on last night, directly after the new year was rang in. It's fucking 16 years old now. I'm old.— Gifty Foresight (@kathy_westside) January 1, 2016 Source: Gifty Foresight/Twitter8. Dempsey’s Den started 30 damn years ago Source: Ytimg9. 2006 is as far away from us as 2026 Source: GifrificWhat.10. Getting invited to some sort of school/college reunion and you promised yourself you would never bother with that shite Source: Mic“Wait. That’s ten years ago now?”Ah, memories *cries*11. It’s been over a decade since the JCB song briefly took over the nation Source: Vevo“MY DAD’S A GIANT SITTING BESIDE ME”12. And a full ten years since DJ Spiral came to prominence in Big Brother Source: YouTube“I’d dooo everyting to you”13. When you go to a family function and your “little” cousins are doing their CAO and discussing what college they’re going to Source: Tumblr“The last ten years have not happened. The last ten years have not happened.”^repeat ten times and walk away.14. When you spend the days before a massive session worried about “how bad the hangover is going to be” instead of just focusing on the night out itself“Two nights in a row this weekend!”You: Source: Tumblr15. And finally… Omero Mumba is 27 now Source: Leon Farrell/Photocall IrelandShouldn’t he be 12 for nationaalzweminstituuteindhoven , like, forever?canada goose outlet is on Snapchat! Tap the button below to add! canada goose parka

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