The pot is usually kept warm on a hot plate

This message is also for the caravan of political sign posters who have found that it is physically possible to place 27,387 signs near the sidewalk at important intersections throughout the city when, in fact, the space has scientifically been proven to have the volume of earth necessary to hold no more than 3 political signs.The complaints have started to come in, some to our Facebook Messenger account. These folks feel that they would like to safely travel through intersections by actually being able to see oncoming traffic. I know silly humans.Think about it if a person is being cautious and attempting to traverse the Queen City in order to get to a dentist appointment and they pull out into a major thoroughfare believing that it is safe to do so and then are suddenly T boned; do you, the honest politician, want the last thing they saw, prior to the deployment of the airbag, to be your name?After removing several thousand of the signs, and finding that the way is clear for folks to clearly observe oncoming traffic, we will bring the signs to our police station and stack them in a garage bay for your people to come and pick them up at their convenience.During the last presidential election we collected enough signs to build a bridge directly to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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