The couple has not publicly described the man they saw

Police will not say whether other cadaver dogs were brought into the home and also detected the presence of a dead body, but standard law enforcement practices would lead police to have more than one cadaver dog brought in to confirm the findings.In the interview with the Today Show, Tacopina singled out three eyewitnesses who said they saw a man carrying a baby wearing little or no clothing in the hours in which baby Lisa went missing. A couple and a man on his motorcycle traveling in the area described their encounters»It inconceivable they weren followed up on immediately,» Tacopina said.Tacopina said the man they described matched the description of John «Jersey» Tanko, a handyman accused of committing crimes in the area.»The person we think should be looked at very carefully here,» is Tanko, Tacopina said.Tanko, who Tacopina repeatedly called «Jersey Joe,» was questioned by police and is now serving time in a Missouri prison for attempting to steal a vehicle in the Northland.The couple contacted police after seeing a man in a T shirt carrying a baby clothed only in a diaper. The couple has not publicly described the man they saw.However wholesale jerseys, the motorcycle rider actually described a person who matched the description of a man who lives next door to the Irwin Bradley family and whose wife spent much of the evening of Oct.

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