Opening this box, we had to remind ourselves it wasn’t

The Broncos have set several attendance records at training camp a measure of how quickly Tebowmania has caught on. His No. 15 jersey was already one of the NFL’s top sellers before he appeared in his first game on Sunday. High School Graduation Rates and StatusIn 2005, the National Governors Association (NGA) introduced the 4 year adjusted cohort graduation rate calculation in an effort to move all states towards using a common calculation. The Adjusted Cohort formula has been deemed more accurate than other calculations in its ability to track student movement over time. In 2008, the federal government adopted NGA’s formula and mandated that states calculate cohort rates beginning with 2011 graduates.Through NJ SMART, the State of New Jersey met this 2011 mandate to determine the 4 year adjusted cohort graduation rates for schools and districts.

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