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canada goose Tags Back To School Ireland Teachers See other tags Tags Irish people on Twitter have been sharing some really lovely things teachers did for them back in school This will probably make you miss school. By Kelly Earley Tuesday 28 Aug 2018, 10:10 AM Aug 28th 2018, 10:10 AM 9,059 Views No Comments http://canada goose jackets uk/4205479 Share156 Tweet Email Source: Paul ChiassonMOST PEOPLE WILL find that they either loved school, or hated it. There usually isn’t an in-between. What can really make a difference in the lives of those who hated school, was a kind gesture from a teacher. In fact, those gestures can make just as much of an impact on students who loved school too. We asked people on Twitter to share some memories of the nice things that teachers have done for them over the years, and it served as a nice reminder of how important teachers are.1. This Prison Break fan got a nice surprise from one of their teachers.Yeaaars ago, my English teacher mercilessly teased me for having a picture of Prison Break in my homework diary. Months later this turned up out of the blue in the post — turns out her mam & his mam were in the same book club or something in Louth. Basically, she was the best.— Ciaraíoch 🎨 (@Ciaraioch) November 12, 20172. my six class teacher left this note in my notebook when we were getting them signed before leaving primary school.— d҉e҉c҉ (@ildathach) August 27, 20183. This person had the real life Miss Honey as a teacher. In senior infants I told my teacher that I loved books but didn't have many of my own, she then brought me in books from her home that she'd loved at my age and put them in my bag to take home— Kate (@Bed_Forever_) August 27, 20184.When I was in 4th class, my teacher wrote on my report that she was looking forward to reading the books I'd write when I was older.— Mr Brightside (@ronronzo) August 27, 20185. All teachers should aim to be as kind as this maths teacher. I think I just needed the struggle acknowledged. I hadn't a clue how to deal with anything. She gave me a plan and a structure for study that I could use elsewhere, allowed me to go easy on myself for finding everything shit hard.— Emma Burns (@betaburns) August 27, 20186.I was obsessed with Jacqueline Wilson when I was younger (who wasn't?), she was doing a book signing in Easons on a Sat morning, my 5th class teacher, of her own accord, brought me and like 10 other 11 y/o girls to the signing so we wouldn't miss it. She was such a cool teacher.— Hannah Kelly (@hanlouwho_) August 27, 20187.My history teacher made me appeal my history result for the junior cert (I got a B and wasn’t fussed but she told me to do it), and then one day just ran into our transition year maths class and wrote a massive A on my page that I was writing on Great Lady— Ciarán Allidine (@Allidine) August 27, 20188.My appendix flaring up when i was 12/13 kept me from playing on the school hockey team for a couple of months after, so the coach appointed me "assistant manager" so i could still travel to the away games with the rest of the lads. Sound guy.— Split Infinitive (@ninety6days) August 27, 20189.In second or third class my teacher saw me engrossed in The Hobbit. The next day she brought me in her copy of the Fellowship of the Ring and it was the start of something huge for me. I still have it.— Conor Hallahan ☘ (@conorhallahan) August 27, 201810. They’re like parents away from home. 3rd class teacher noticed I needed glasses when I couldn’t see the board after a day. My parents who saw me watch TV with my face pressed to the screen did not.— Barrington (@barry88quinn) August 27, 2018 11. Miss Dillon , if you’re out there, one of your students is thinking of you. Senior infants, fell over busted my lip. Ms. Dillon brought me to her desk and let me sit beside her. She gave me a book to read & told me I was the best reader in my class. She was a dote, gave me a small toy car to keep. I'd love to know where she is now.— Sinéad (@boodlesy) August 28, 201812. It’s the little things, huh. apologised when she threw a duster at another pupil and it hit me— Phil (@phil1) August 27 Canada Goose factory outlet , 2018 13. I think there’s something in my eye.Shortly after I was outed, the vice principal pulled me aside and gave me a stack of books from his personal collection with LGBTQ characters. After I'd churned through them all I tried to return them but he refused and told me to pass them on to someone else who needed them.— david thottenborough (@samwhatislife) August 28, 2018 14.On the Friday of maths paper 1 ordinary level (obviously😊) and I was 100% sure I failed it and was going to fail the next paper so my principal cancelled his weekend plans while I cried in his office and did exam papers with me all day Saturday and Sunday— carrie (@caralaurynm) August 27, 201815.My lc English teacher bought every single student in the class a book she thought they’d like as a goodbye present and wrote a little note inside them all 🙁— sophie (@SophieCagney) August 27, 201816.My ex fucked me over really bad and I was crying in class so my history teacher brought me outside and told me I was too good for him and I'd be better off without.— aoife/mobin ♀️🇵🇸 (@0edipussy) August 27, 201817.My 6th class teacher knew my handwriting was shit so worked with me most days to improve it and when I went to secondary the English teacher took over after he’d called her to ask her. Soundest man alive tbh.— Daithi Hosford (@Hosmodiar) August 27, 201818.Did woodwork for the JC and my project was way too ambitious and underestimated how much work it required. The teacher let me into the room any time I was free. Cleared a space for me even during his own classes to work on it and frequently stayed back after school. Got an A1— Ruff Beggar (@ArmadilloOwl) August 28, 201819.In jc didnt do homework for a few months& was being a bitch and got into huge trouble wihj all my teachers and he pulled me outve class and he asked what was wrong and how things were at home etc!!! Had a big cry and he rang my mom to collect me n let me take a few days off 💓💓— ur homie (@urmas_urda) August 27, 201820.He told me he’d be retired by the time I left school but he’d be back to see what I went on to do, cause he thought I’d help a lot of people.Sadly, he died before I left school, but I still want to make him proud 😭— Sophie Brodie (@sophiebrodie99) August 28, 201821.Sat down with me every week at lunch (missing her break) to help me with English. She moved my mark from a H5 to a H1 in the space of 3 months through the extra help— Sorcha 🏳️‍🌈 (@saysaymoo99) August 28, 201822.My Irish teacher knew that one of the biggest triggers for my panic attacks was having to speak in class, so she told me that if there was a day where I was feeling particularly anxious, that I should casually hold up my red pen, and she'd know not to call on me that day— Ciara Gordon (@PurpleKhaos) August 27, 201823.My leaving cert Irish teacher wrote everyone in the class a wee personalised note and gave them to us on our last day of school. I found mine recently and read it and practically bawled crying it was so sweet— Adrianna Keenan (@adikeenan) August 27, 201824.Actually have so many, but my accounting teacher ran out of class during a double in our LC year to go to the staff room, but actually went to the shop and bought us all ice creams 🙂— Fiona (@ftb_bounce) August 27, 201825. Okay, now there’s definitely something in my eye.I wasn't the most organised of students… One teacher used take time out of her lunch to help me get organised for classes. I made sure to get home for her funeral.Two different teacher's used give to me the notes she gave to her grind students.— Kennedy O'Brien (@kennedy798) August 27, 201826. Let’s lighten the mood a little with this one, which might be the best. Went to the bookies for us and placed our bets in the grand national— Rajiv (@jiffington) August 27, 2018canada goose outlet is on Instagram! canada goose parka

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