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canada goose Tags IKEA Lets go to IKEA There goes my money See other tags Tags Just 10 of the many, many thoughts you’ll have on a trip to IKEA Do you really need those potted plants? By Rachel O’Neill Saturday 21 Jul 2018, 7:30 PM Jul 21st 2018, 7:30 PM 7,662 Views 4 Comments http://canada goose jackets uk/4111856 Share7 Tweet Email2 IF YOU’VE RECENTLY moved house or flat then you’ll know that IKEA is one of the most important trips that you’re ever going to make. It can also be one of the most dangerous/expensive ones if you’re left unsupervised in the Swedish superstore.Went around ikea today planning out my future house😂future me better have a good job to pay for that shit😂— ✨Nicole✨ (@nikki_lawlor_) July 4 , 2018Having moved out to an unfurnished apartment, I had to make the trip over the M50 to purchase what felt like an entire house. Here are 10 of the thoughts that entered my brain as I traipsed around the place.1. ‘I cannot spend more than this’You naively set yourself a budget in the hope that you won’t blow your whole bank account on flatpack furniture. Will you stick to it? Probably not. Does it make you feel better? Absolutely. Source: GIPHY2. ‘God this place is massive’You arrive and suddenly you realise just how BIG everything is. You could fit the entire population of Cork into IKEA and still have room for half of Kerry. Probably. Source: GIPHY3. ‘Can I live here?’Once you start walking around the showroom , you start dreaming of your new nomadic life in IKEA. You’d move from display to display and stuff yourself full of meatballs. It’d be cheaper than renting anyway.Day 47…. This is my life now Still. In. IKEA.— Holy Elle (@Holy_Elle) December 29, 20174. ‘I never knew I needed all these storage boxes’You’re getting lost in all these amazing kitchens and bedrooms and suddenly all these pretty storage boxes appear and you want ALL of them. Do you have anything to put in them? No. Does that matter? NO. Source: GIPHY5. ‘God there’s so many utensils I never knew existed’You’re suddenly wandering through the kitchen section and you realise just HOW MANY kitchen utensils there are. Ladles, spatulas, mashers. The list is both frightening and endless. Source: GIPHY6. ‘Do I really need these cute little picture frames/potted plants/ fairy lights?’No, you probably don’t but at the same time, those little things are really what make a house a home. At least that’s what you’ll say to justify it later.i'm tryna find things to furnish my new place n i just keep ordering fairy lights in bulk someone help— ♥*♡+:。.。 AJ 。.。:+♡*♥ (@ajhunten) July 5, 20187. ‘God am I really this weak?’Nothing like getting to the self-service area and slowly realising that lifting boxes onto the flat cart without putting your back is much trickier than you thought. Source: GIPHY8. ‘I have bought too many things’Can you single-handedly control two trollies of furniture and kitchen supplies? Because if you can, you’re someone who should not be messed with.I've been running around sorting out problems with our house and now I'm in Ikea getting stuff and I'm literally the sweatiest I have ever been dealing with 2 trolleys alone.— Rachel O’Neill (@ronronzo) July 4, 20189. ‘How am I going to fit this all in the car?’It’s a game of car Tetris as you push the seats down, shove stuff in the footholds and pray to God that your Opel Corsa won’t break down from the sheer weight of the stuff on the way home. Source: GIPHY10. ‘Well guess I’m broke now’Worth it? Source: GIPHYcanada goose outlet is on Instagram! canada goose parka

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