You see the engine light? That is a major one and not ignoring

Emoticons are used to convey emotions. For example, a colon and right parenthesis would be used for a smiley face. Even with a cute little face attached to a message, however, a text message is just a text message. Have you ever offered to volunteer for a charity, non profit, or your favorite community organization? If you have then you know the typical drill: make a significant commitment in time, attend training sessions, perform specified duties, observe a cobweb of rules, regulations, and laws, and finally sign a detailed application and a liability waiver. After a board approval and sometimes a background check you can be written into the schedule as a volunteer. This bureaucratic approach to volunteering is understandable from the perspective of organizational management but tends to dampen the spirit of those with limited time who just want to show up and make a difference..

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