Im sure Kim would like that, ANOTHER HEADLINE for her

When a query accesses many tables, and also when there are multiple inline views (or factored subqueries), the Oracle optimizer may not always find the optimal join order. The _OPTIMIZER_MAX_PERMUTATIONS hidden parameter defaultsto a value of 2,000,which of course restricts the number of possible join permutations attempted per query block in a query, so with many tables in a query block (more than 6, for instance), the limit for the maximum number of permutations may easily be hit. Statistics must be reasonably accurate for cardinality estimates to be close to accurate, otherwise the query optimizer may select not onlyan inappropriate join order but also an inappropriate join type.

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canada goose outlet parka Pressure to publish such numbers has come from voices inside and outside the industry who say that airing them will allow for disparities to be illustrated rather than alleged and for progress to be measured rather than simply promised. This is, after all, the land of data driven decisions. Though companies from Apple to Twitter soon followed Google lead, Uber did not release its first diversity report until this March canada goose outlet parka.

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