Among the biggest assets to be split in the divorce is

Apart from being spectacularly cute, Book Week parades are a great barometer of parental effort. At the Vegemite sandwich end of the spectrum, there are the Specky McGees («For heaven’s sake it’s 8.25! Just put on your damn footy jumper!»), the Where’s Wallys («Thank god for your brother’s stripy top!») and the Silkys («If we brush your hair a bit I guess you can be Silky, ok? Or Cinderella.») Further along the effort scale is Pippi Longstocking, requiring some Cheap Air Jordans Shoes wire in the plaits, or Peter Pan, requiring fast talking your boy into green tights. And at the Teriyaki wrap end of the spectrum there are hobbits, dragons, Wild Things or even the very cute BFG (above), complete with oversized ears and a pipe for blowing dreams..

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