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I see.It looks like there 5 UART connections available. It appears that UART2 on pins PB0/1 is needed to switch PF1 5 to SDC0. Also, if we can change the config to move the serial output on UART0 to UART1, we could enable it on PD10/11 or PG6/7. I only saw.5 seconds of a gif, so I could be completely off base, but it looks to me like the shark is circling that guy and showing signs of rapid movement/agitation before he pokes it. My guess is that he saw it was showing interest and wanted to scare it off before it moved beyond that interested stage. Since he spearfishing, there a good chance there a buoy somewhere nearby him with a bunch of bleeding fish attached to it, which is likely what setting the shark off in the first place.

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