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Somewhere under the front row of fashion week there is a room with wood paneled walls lined with porn best replica hermes , where rules and common etiquette cease to exist. This place couldn’t be anywhere else but in the basement of Milk Studios. Hipsters, fashion influencers, artist, and skateboarders all come together for free alcohol and a chance to be seen. Last night, the first night of fashion week, I got the distinct pleasure of sneaking into an underground show to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Abbey Lee Kershaw in her band Our Mountain, which opened for Gary Clark Jr. These are the photos that sum up the night.Photos by Spencer Wohlrab 0Thoughts?1 of 21Tip for getting into parties: Show up before the door girls get there.Beware girls, Play Nice’s monsters are loose. I would tell you I loved his hat, but I swore I would never lie to you.Model Blogger Sasha Owen.Alex in his brightly coloured blouse.Quick , mom is comming, put up a v-flat!Ben Watts showed up with a stack of stickers, and littered the place with self promotion.Abbey Lee Kershaw of Our Mountain and Next NYThis girl wouldnt talk to me. Brandee Brown and DJ Chelsea Leyland Abbey Lee Kershaw is probably thinking about meMatthew Hutchinson of Our Mountain losing all controlMatthew Hutchinson of Our Mountain walking across pipes on the ceiling of Milk Studios Rock & Roll BasementZanna Roberts Rassi, looking stunning as always.Stylist Carrie Weidner bumming a smokeGary Clark Jr.Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen — I mean, Abbey  Lee Kershaw and Matthew Hutchinson of Our MountainBy far, the best part of the show was the Reel FX fan in the corner.There’s a girl in the boys bathroom. Blogger Jessica Conatser of Nymphatically HauteWhen there’s nothing to prove and nothing to lose, I’ll be dancing with myself. Or these girls.Next slideshow starts in 10sThe Sophisticate: Jenni KayneSpring2012


New York Fashion Week

A Photographer’s Diary: Fashion Week Day 1

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