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Well, it was another wonderful night of fantasy, fashion and even a couple surprises. No, it wasn’t a Chanel sample sale (that was reserved for our dreams last night). Oh no, the all-star style super troopers actually congregated to celebrate and boogie down at this year’s annual Met Gala. Between power duos composed of designers and muses and some flat-out sick gowns, there was some major moments that we can’t  get out of our heads this morning!Oh high quality hermes replica thealpineapartment , and can we puhlease discuss some of the more (ahem) unexpected appearances from fashionistos like Ed Westwick? Not like we’re complaining or anything… In any case,  we were equally as excited to see some of the gents stepping out in their best suits to accompany their leading ladies (BTW, we’re secretly wishing we could keep Zac Posen’s gorgeous maroon suit for ourselves).While we clearly can’t let go of all the festivities just yet and are continuing to live vicariously through more than just one of the lucky ladies who rocked a dress like nobody’s business.Click through the slideshow to see who made our best-dressed list this year! Do you have a favorite we didn’t include? Tell us in the comment section below!


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The Met Gala: The Creme Of The Creme All-Star Best-Dressed Round-Up

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