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It’s safe to say that designer Zac Posen is having a busy year. After news broke that he would take over for Michael Kors as a judge on “Project Runway,” Posen announced that he’d be launching a new contemporary line—Zac Zac Posen—which will make his much-loved creations available to a wide array of consumers thanks to lower price points.In addition, he’s just designed a 24 karat gold dress in conjunction with ice cream brand Magnum to celebrate the release of their new dessert bar, appropriately called “Gold?!” The creation be feted tonight at the Tribeca Film Festival with the release of  “As Good As Gold,” a short film starring Joe Manganiello and Caroline Correa—who wears the Posen dress (worth a cool $1.5 million) throughout. We caught up with Posen , who dished about his biggest inspirations, his time on “Project Runway,” and a certain celebrity’s maternity style.StyleCaster: Tell us a bit about the dress—what was it like designing something so over the top?Zac Posen: Designing something over the top and extravagant is always a fun experience—it’s always a balance. I first tasted the the Magnum Gold ice cream and that was the starting inspiration for it. I’m a foodie, I love ice cream, I love my treats, so I then wanted to figure out something that had a sensuality and movement to it—just like eating the ice cream bar, as abstract and bizarre as that sounds.We knew that we wanted to create something priceless and out of 24 karat gold. The first challenge was finding something with movement that would balance the weight of real gold and that could be worn, so we had to use very thin gold and lay it on a multitude of different sized paillettes that we arranged to highlight the woman’s body to give it that ultimate red carpet moment.What was the biggest challenge of designing the piece?The ultimate challenge was making a dress that lived up to ice cream, chocolate, and gold. Those are very visceral elements that everyone loves, so creating something that was inspired by that was difficult—and it also had to look great on film.What is the strangest thing that’s inspired you while designing?I try to be what I like to call a “cultural receive dish.” I like to take from high, low, art, everything at once. The strangest thing that I’ve been inspired by? This last season, I worked with the Fibonacci sequence and tried to find the mathematical equation of femininity, which is a spiral. I had to figure out how that would lay three dimensional on the body. Even if I just design a flirty dress, there’s major thought behind the pieces. I’ve been inspired by trim and molding in a Frank Lloyd Wright house for embroidery. You can take inspiration from everything you see and feel and hear. I’ve been inspired by crazy colors of the inside of a grape.There’s a lot of buzz about Kim Kardashian’s high-fashion maternity style. What do you think of it?I think it’s great that Kim is wearing what makes her happy and she feels great wearing designer, it says something about designer clothes in itself that she’s actually able to find something that works on her body type while pregnant. I’m really proud that she continued to do what she wanted to do, it’s a true testament to lasting star power and beating what everyone expected with her buzz and build there. She’s lasting—and that’s pretty amazing, and it takes a lot of work.What are your thoughts on maternity style in general?For maternity wear, it’s very challenging, everybody is different. Listen, tunics are really great—comfort is important. Great black leggings with an easy maternity waist band and a great white men’s shirt is an awesome look. It’s an easy look, classic, and you can even wear a shorter skirt than usual. When you have a baby bump, a shorter skirt can actually look really cute.I remember the stylist Tabitha Simmons was having her first child and she was working in my studio and she was mixing in McQueen, Zac Posen, Alaia, with amazing shoes of course—now that she’s an amazing shoe designer—I always knew that was going to come into the world of Tabitha. Her shoe desire was there. But she was the coolest pregnant lady I’d ever seen and friend and that’s where I started to see the A-line shorter shapes and larger volume tops. That’s one way to do it. You can embrace your body shape. Nature and life is so abstract and amazing. Enjoy your body—wear jersey! That’s what I’d wear!What was the most surprising thing about being a judge on “Project Runway”?It’s a very long shooting day! For my time and how it gets edited on camera fake hermes belts , it’s quite a rigorous schedule and a full day. I feel honored to be on it. I’d been a guest judge a few times before, but now it starts a dialogue with the public in a different way. I have people approach me on the street and they want to take photos with me when I’m walking my dogs. It’s that balance.As a creator and someone who wants to inspire younger people or any age person to create, it’s sort of a public duty and responsibility to be that role model for young people to follow their dreams and be whoever they want to be.


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Zac Posen on Kim Kardashian: I Think It’s Great She’s Wearing What Makes Her Happy

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