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House of Representatives Votes Unanimously That Trump Has No Authorization to Use Military Force Against Iran

cheap moncler Mr Trump cancelled the summit on Thursday, citing the North’s «hostility», but moncler outlet online then rowed back after conciliatory messages from Pyongyang. cheap moncler

moncler outlet jackets My Dad is a Disabled Veteran and he was in Guatamala in like the 80 or something and he isnt able to join the VFW because it stands for «veterans of foreign wars» which he was not in. He was in a «conflict» so getting hurt for your country in battle only counts for some people. He calls bullshit and hates any idea of war. Always says shit like «The people sending us to war have no clue how bad war actually is» I always grew up with him telling me to never join the military because the hassle to get your benifits if you get hurt isnt worth it. If he can go MIA for three days in the south american jungle buy moncler jackets carrying a shot moncler sale outlet search and rescue soldier over his shoulder only to get hurt and suffer for the rest of his life then he should be able to go to the vfw and shoot the shit with other people who share the same expiriences. cheap moncler he was told he was never going to walk without a cane ever again yet he cant socialize with other disabled vets. Its a disgrace. That being said I wholeheartedly respect members of our military as they are just chess pieces being played by the bigger fish as is everyone else. I even had army recruiters constantly finding me in the weirdest of places trying to get me to join. «Are you Annoying_Boss?» «Yes I am, how did you know my name and where to find me while im on lunch?» Like 4 times randomly these recruiters just popped up and seemed to know about me or where I was going to be. Offering me «free college anywhere you want to go» like yeah bitch I know, my dad is a disabled vet and I already have your free college because of him through the GI bill. Trying to sell me on the idea of something I already have. I eventually just told them that im not signing up for a military that I dont agree with who is in charge onky to be left with jack shit after I got out. If other people want to do that then fine by me. Im not taking a bullet for my country only to be told «you wont be able to walk again without support but you are only _% disabled so there isnt anything we can do for you» the only reason my dad is considered 100% disabled is because they wouldnt fix his shit at first and over the course of 30 years his injuries CAUSED more injuries, which in turn raised his disability. cheap moncler outlet So yes you are correct. Conflict bullets save money and leave more vets without the help they need compared to war bullets from the 40 know that is a lot of shit but at least I found a solution to cheap moncler jackets stop recruiters from not leaving me alone. The military is only worth it if it is your only option folks. Even if you go in with a bachelors cheap moncler sale degree. I have a buddy who just joined about a year ago and said only idiots would joing the military if they have a degree because it will make significantly more money outside of the military. It has to be a passion moncler sale to be worth it. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise. If they try they are just trying moncler jacket to persuade you. moncler outlet jackets

moncler sale outlet Edit: He was in Nicaragua NOT Guatimala. Both of which are in central America, not south America. Oopw my bad. I also have some details wrong that I can tell are obvious mistakes because people who know what they moncler outlet are talking about are pointing it out. I want to mention that it is a rant that leans toward negative aspects of the military and it doesnt nessessarily project my outlook on the military 100%. I understand that there are a lot of good things that come from the military. Understand that not everyone served at the same time, things change, and people have different opinions based on their expiriences. I try to remember to cheap moncler coats ask my dad for some more details so maybe I can help clarify why he is in the particular situation he was in and to clear up anything I have wrong that is confusing people. Thanks guys for your helpful input and I hope you all enjoy your weekend! moncler sale outlet

moncler factory outlet Edit 3?: Its Regan, not Nixon. this is a link to an old article (sorry) that kind of summarizes what was going on in the area monlcer down jackets at the timeI know he was in search and rescue at the time and was finding people in Nicaragua and trying to get them back safe. He did a number of these https://www.moncleronlineoutlet.com and only had to leave shooting only a couple times from what I remember him telling me years ago. The iran contras ring a bell and I remember him talking about how it all happened. I believe Im fairly close to the time he was in service but im not sure exaclty what he was invloved in and I try to ask him about it. Whatever happened to him must been pretty harsh though because my mom used to moncler outlet store have to wake him up with a broom stick because he would wake up and start swinging fists the second his eyes opened. I just stood a little farture away because I always doubted he would actually nail me in the dark if I just leaned away a little. That happened less and less growning up though thankfully. The reason I say that is because if it has had that moncler mens jackets much effect on his state of mind then I cant be positive he will even want to talk about it. I try to get him to open up as much as he is willing to though but im not going to push him to do it if he doesnt seem like he wants too. Enjoy your weekend folks!There was an intense legal dispute over how nukes would be handled. moncler factory outlet

moncler outlet store The president excercises of force are still subject to oversight though. moncler outlet store

moncler jacket sale For example, Congress could pass a law tomorrow stating that nuking Korea is off limits; in such a case, the President is bound to obey. Moreover, to the extent unlawful orders must be refused by military personnel, an order to nuke Korea would have to be ignored by the troops in such a case. But, literally every President since the War Powers Act was first signed into law, including Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama, have moncler outlet sale claimed that this is an unconstitutional restraint on their Article II powers as Commander in Chief. moncler jacket sale

moncler sale Hopefully we never have to see a situation where the Supreme Court is forced to actually decide the question. But it certainly not a straightforward answer here; the Constitution has Congress raise and maintain the army and navy, and declare states of war, but leaves the employment of the army and navy (as raised or maintained by Congress) to the President as Commander in Chief moncler sale.

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