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Is it already dead

The new President is facing sharp resistance to his $825 billion stimulus package that the House is expected to consider moncler outlet online on Wednesday. Questions about how the money will be spent stand in the way. Not that surprising cheap moncler jackets when you consider the mystery of the $750 billion Wall Street bailout President Bush signed moncler outlet off on last year. We still don know where a lot of that money went.

President Obama is pulling out all the stops to get everyone on moncler womens jackets the same page. He meeting with his economic advisers, talking with lawmakers on Capitol Hill, moncler sale outlet and continues to tell the American people how bad cheap moncler sale things are and warn them to brace for moncler sale things to get worse.

And it not just the stimulus package the President is having problems with. Republicans are holding up the confirmation of his Attorney General, Eric Holder.

And they can be thrilled that the new President is signing one executive order after another to undo the policies of his Republican predecessor.

These are all indications that this isn going to be the smooth sailing President Obama had in mind.

Here’s my question to you: Is the spirit of bipartisanship already dead in Washington?

Interested to know which ones made it on air?

Bipartisanship is not dead, yet. The Republicans will approve the stimulus package and Eric Holder for Attorney General. discount moncler jackets The Republicans will jump on the Obama administration if there are no improvements in the economy by January 2010.

Jackie from Dallas, Texas writes:

Bipartisanship? What is that? Between the Democrats shooting themselves in their collective feet by fighting our new President, and Republicans trying to moncler usa sound all moral and fiscally conservative even though we all know that they were moncler sale online the ones that got us in this mess I don believe it exists, yet.

Stacy from Leesburg, Virginia writes:

Jack, if you listen to right wing radio (which I do for kicks) they are attacking moncler outlet woodbury President Obama, the Democrats, Republicans who work towards compromise, and so called «blind and lazy Americans» that voted to throw the GOP out of office. For moncler outlet sale these people, bipartisanship and compromise are signs of weakness and failure. They are prophets to some degree, because Obama’s success means their uk moncler outlet tyrannical dogma is on the way out.

Claire from Melbourne, cheap moncler coats mens Florida writes:

Hello Jack. Sadly bipartisanship is just a meaningless word to Republicans. These are the same the leader ideologs who aided, abetted and enabled Bush/Cheney to put thru all these illegal priorities they instituted. I seem to remember something about these partisan hacks not allowing the Democrats into Congressional discussions about Bush/Cheney bills when they were in the majority. What goes around comes around and uk moncler sale I hope they enjoy the irrelevancy they have worked so hard to achieve!

Matt from Stafford, Virginia writes:

Bipartisanship is not dead yet. What we are seeing is the end of Obama honeymoon. The celebration is over and now the real uphill battle begins. No matter what there moncler online store is going to be friction between liberals and conservatives, but unlike Bush, at least Obama is extending his hand and not clenching his fist.

If you got rid of Pelosi and Reid there would be more bipartisanship. They try and ram everything down the Republicans throats. Naturally they push back harder then they normally would. moncler outlet prices If they had their Republican ideas heard.

Jack, the republicans was all for bi partisanship until Obama was sworn in. Now they don give a rat tail about being bi partisan. They want be satisfied until they start losing more of their money, but then it be too late. They want have anybody to serve them, because all of public service jobs will be gone, cheap moncler jackets womens no waiters/waitresses, no maids, no landscapers to serve these self righteous people. I guess it true that they say the way to becoming rich is not spend money, just hold onto it for future references, well their futures are here. But then their millions and billions that they have want be moncler outlet store worth the moncler uk outlet paper it on because they destroyed the real working american. I heard somebody say on CNN this week end they need to open Gitmo for the Wall Street people I agree and they need to take several democrats and republicans there and leave them for several years. Now that would be bi partiisanship.

The Republicans are in a sorry fix of their own making. Many of them clearly understand that the course followed by Bush and their party over the last eight years was a total failure, a disaster that left the country cheapmoncler in a mess. They know Obama course corrections are appropriate and urgently needed. But they and their talk show cohorts have done such a thorough job of brainwashing their base over the last few decades that they cannot now seem to be cooperating with a Democratic administration lest they be seen as traitors to the conservative cause. Bipartisanship for them will mean barely allowing themselves to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into policies actually designed to help the American people for a change.

With stimulous spending suggestions such as Nancy Pelosi Birth Control spending and other democratic pork/earmarks someone has got to raise the warning flags. I hope the GOPs can manage to bring attention to the same old nonsense our overall government is so notorious for.

Responsibility, transparency and accountability are what should be the primary catalyst to bond these two parties in working together.

Two other ingredients, criminalization and strict prosecution of offending legislators would/could speed the cooperative process even more.

The past 60 years of Ponzie schemes have taught me this.

Republican in this country means, racism, intolerance, ignorant of facts, bigotry, religious fanaticism and cheap moncler jackets mens a host of other thoughts that create separation and hate.

The Republicans will not help Obama, or any Democrat. Their very nature is too cause as many problems as they can to return to power themselves so you never want the other guy to succeed!

The very people that have destroyed the USA ( Politicians) are now telling us how to fix it!

Sad state of affairs we are in.

I don think it is about partisanship. It the continuing struggle between the haves and the have nots, best moncler jackets the Friedmanites vs the Keynesians, moncler outlet the trickle downers against the social welfare proponents, the free market thieves against the regulators, the investment class against the working class. It is not about it is about money, more money, and getting it any way you can while insuring that the conditions remain intact to continually move money from those who create wealth (laborers) to those that collect the interest on it.

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