IRL, people tend to prefer lovers who already have their shit

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moncler jackets mens 1 point submitted 2 hours agoI don see how that can be the case, though. Like as an example, if my Crystal moncler uk outlet Fragments does 10,000 damage (made up number) when it doesn crit, and 18,000 damage when it does crit (also made up), and I only get to cast it once per mob, it would drastically reduce the amount of cheap moncler jackets womens time I spend fighting weaker mobs, so with 90% crit moncler womens jackets chance, 9 out of 10 mobs die fast. But if I have low crit chance like 50%, then it a coin toss each time whether I need to make up that extra 8,000 damage or not.It seems to me that mobs will consistently die faster in all scenarios if I stack crit chance; but if I use a meta build with 50% crit chance, then the amount of time it takes to kill mobs will vary to a wide degree.I don necessarily agree that this type of content isn deserving of theorycrafting. You can optimize for it just the same as anything else.HarshHaiku [score hidden] submitted 2 hours agoThe issue with trying to optimize specifically for this kind of content is the lack of reward for doing so. There are no cooldowns in the game so the difference between killing an overworld mob in 2 hits or 4 hits is a matter of 2 or 3 seconds. That a trivial amount of time compared to time spent traveling around. On top of that, the damage focused sets are almost all viable with only a relatively small difference in potential damage. That makes a difference in some of the hardest content in the game but isn really make or break elsewhere. The game is surprisingly well balanced in that regard compared to many other MMOs and it really skill use that makes the difference. What skill you drop from your bar in order to slot in Rapid Maneuver for travel speed is a far bigger impact on solo play than specific damage sets.calze69 25 points submitted 1 day agoMost people who do fractals just want their moncler outlet prices daily t4s done for that daily gold. There really isn much to vary when you monclerdownjacket have done them over and over and over and over. Adding a few varied instabilities, especially the very annoying ones, isn going to make them happy because it just slows the group down, and doesn really add a sufficiently new challenge to actually make it interesting.These instability mechanics are not interesting or fun to engage in, especially due to the moncler outlet store very core design of the game being focused on stacking and boon sharing, then having mechanics that are so frustratingly antithetical to said design.HarshHaiku 8 moncler outlet woodbury points submitted 1 day agoLeah and Emily both moncler sale actually enjoy life where they are unlike the other 3 ladies. Leah needs to resolve moncler sale online some stuff but is the only one of them actually there by choice so a discount moncler jackets lot of her character growth happened already and that fine. IRL, people tend to prefer lovers who already have their shit together after all.Penny and Abigail feel like they have incomplete arcs without moncler online store marriage.Haley is somewhere in between and actually can feel like there some closure even if you never give her flowers.HarshHaiku 1 point submitted 5 days agoTo add to this, when queueing for a specific dungeon factors include if a dungeon is a pledge daily for the day and if the dungeon drops a set that people farm for. If both are true, it not unusual for the queue to pop within 15 minutes for DPS. If it moncler sale outlet only cheap moncler sale one, it often be between 15 30 minutes. If it none of the above, you can be waiting for quite awhile or never have it go off that moncler outlet sale night.I think DLC dungeons tend to have a longer wait time as well but can really verify that with only sporadic access to most of those.HarshHaiku 1 point submitted 7 days agoOnce you get past the first few levels, always make sure you have a +health buff from food active. Things tend to hurt a lot otherwise.When you hit level 10 or whatever it is that gets you the invitation to Cyrodil, take it even if you never plan to step foot in pvp. cheap moncler coats mens The cheap moncler jackets mens tutorial on how moncler outlet online to use siege weapons and navigate your friendly camps gives you enough pvp experience to get a skill that boosts movement speed dramatically and can do so while mounted. It greatly increases how fast you travel.HarshHaiku 1 point submitted 8 days agoYour gear definitely could use some work but how much you want to invest with a major update from Sumerset incoming is questionable. But you want moncler usa to be prepared for something to change since as it stands NMG is getting a pretty big nerf and won be of much use on a stamblade.Still, a monster helm/shoulder set would be a good place to start. While Velidreth is considered top tier right now, that may change with the major update. Remember that it benchmarked as best in slot for a trial group where you have people applying armor debuffs from NMG best moncler jackets and Sunderflame that won be around moncler outlet after the update. Kragh already is more useful in 4 man groups where you unlikely to have those cheap moncler jackets two buffs around uk moncler outlet and is easier to get to boot.And caltrops is huge as others have said. There no real good replacement for it for stamblades.HarshHaiku 3 points submitted 8 days agoStamina Nightblade because crimes. Well, that and he my crafter so switching away from him always brings some moncler outlet annoyances.Though I also have a Magsorc I break out when I want to do some content that a pain for melee or when I sick and want to play something more forgiving than stamblade while coughing/sneezing/running a fever.Stamina builds tend uk moncler sale to play closer to each other than magicka builds due to using more weapon skills shared between all stam builds but the differences still have a big impact.Stamblade: Powerful self buffs that can be a bit fiddly to manage. And the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood DLCs feel tailor made for them moncler jackets mens.

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