They need to take this mode back and rework Canada Goose Coats

Why I don’t play 50v50 anymore

Yeah I love 50 vs 50 but so canada goose outlet jackets many pet peeves.Stealing. Vending is my biggest canada goose clearance sale complaint. If you bought it, then canada goose outlet sale should be a canada goose outlet store canada goose uk outlet few seconds before they can steal the weapon or ammo. Chest stealing stinks and same with kills. Nothing buy canada goose jacket like getting a kill in a 1v1 and then a random runs by to steal the good stuff while you are healing upSupply drops. Man Canada Goose Online this annoys me the most. I canada goose factory outlet build a small fort for it. They just build a canada goose outlet in usa ramp over it. I was one canada goose outlet uk canada goose new york city Canada Goose Outlet of the ones Canada Goose sale who tried to disengage canada goose uk black friday when I saw the bickering started so I survived canada goose black friday sale and ironically Canada Goose Outlet picked up some Canada Goose Parka of the gear canada goose store that dropped down from above after an goose outlet canada enemy opened canada goose outlet nyc Canada Goose online it. (Our side eventually won and I lived through all that weird shit but holy fuck what a trainwreck.)That said overwhelmingly my canada goose outlet online experience with non squad teammates Canada Goose Jackets has been positive, including generous people buying things for me from canadian goose jacket the vending machines, sharing items/loot, etc. Stealing vending machine loot, stealing chest loot, breaking your fort so you die, building over you for a supply crate you already official canada goose outlet been building for. canada goose outlet black friday Shit canada goose jacket outlet like that. I canada goose outlet uk dropped canada goose coats on sale at lonely lodge on the tower one game with canada goose outlet toronto factory another player. We exchanged shield pots and guns so we had equal loot and then started dancing. 3 other players knocked the tower down and danced while we died and took everything. This game mode has made me so disappointed with some of the people who play this game. Had to buy. People there were pretty nice, but this one person right after I bought it, he stole it. I followed him around until we go into a fight. He got knocked, I killed the enemy. Now he knew who I was, he knew he canada goose clearance stole from me. cheap canada goose uk But canada goose uk shop he thought I forgot, but I didn I built canada goose outlet uk sale cover so I don get shot at, he thought I canada goose was going to revive him. I watched him on the ground bleeding out. At this point, he realized why I was doing this, I wanted back my blue bolt. He dies, I take my blue bolt.Shooting out jump pads so nobody canada goose canada goose factory sale outlet store uk else can use them.Gathering canada goose outlet shop at the lowest point in a map like canada goose outlet fish in a barrel.Running in circles rather than looking at the battle and forming an attack/defense.Waiting until everyone is dead so you can pick up a pretty gun uk canada goose outlet for a few seconds.What did we expect, they canada goose outlet reviews made a greed based loot game where the idea of working as a team canada goose coats is a foreign concept besides a four person group. The entire game is greed based. Me, me, me, mine, mine, mine. Kills, canada goose outlet online uk loot, everything is personal gratification.This 50v50 game canada goose black friday sale mode is an afterthought, it was not designed or incentivized cheap Canada Goose for people to work together, in fact you benefit more buy canada goose jacket cheap right now by griefing.The original 50 vs 50 was actually better, but only because it was just fun, griefing just wasn as common yet. They need to take this mode back and rework Canada Goose Coats On Sale it. Usually you find a couple enemies looting and have some easy kills. Then you find a few more canada goose outlet canada migrating to the circle and using their left behind jump pads. Finally you make it to the circle behind the enemy lines with a few kills already and good loot without frustrating team garbage building over you to steal drops. It is incredibly fun to flank 20 unaware players by yourself or with your squad. Especially with rocketsMost of this games community is collection of greedy, trollish, «give me now», impatient, immature, little canada goose outlet parka pieces of shit.

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