I asked what good it does to have the code canadian goose

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The 1980s were, admittedly, a while uk canada goose ago. We were trying to Canada Goose Jackets market a home energy conservation kit, which bombed canada goose outlet uk sale at retail. It had negative acceptance you would have to pay people to take it. canada goose uk shop So we ran focus cheap canada goose uk groups. Those bombed. So we tightened the canada goose outlet toronto factory focus on «energy». What did «energy» mean to the consuming public?

Sunflowers. Young men running. Words don mean what they are canada goose jacket outlet supposed to mean.

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I a nurse friend that works in a canada goose outlet uk facility with 75 Alzheimer and dementia patients. I canada goose outlet canada visited once and was a official canada goose outlet little perplexed at the exit door. You have canada goose canada goose uk black friday outlet store to buy canada goose jacket cheap key in canada goose clearance sale a 4 canada goose outlet new york city digit code to get out. There is a sign above the keypad that says to enter 1440 backwards to exit. I asked what good it does to have the code canadian goose jacket right there. She said that it keeps the goose outlet canada produce from getting canada canada goose coats on sale goose outlet reviews out if they wander off as they don have the short term memory needed to follow those simple cheap Canada Goose instructions. I find this scary AF.

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Should probably be noted they doing this as a part of a global resource war. The US has invested enormously Canada Goose Coats On Sale in shale so it can devalue the economic leverage of Russia/OPEC oil exports, and China has realised that with its economy expanding Canada Goose online so enormously, it might become dependent on said canada goose black friday sale US shale in coming years. The idea is you invest in solar energy on a massive scale, it devalues the cost to produce panels (which it has, by 80 in barely 5 years) to the point that fossil fuels and shale can no longer compete, Canada Goose Online therefore destroying the US leverage that being built.

China really is ahead of the game with regard to renewable it realised that they canada goose would become a major force in the energy sector over the canada goose coats coming decades, and is now seeking canada goose clearance (and succeeding) to completely canada goose factory sale dominate the market, and in doing so, is driving it forward at an enormous speed.

Its great that they doing this, even if its more canada goose outlet nyc for strategic purposes than anything. But it should be noted that this won impact their canada goose outlet online uk carbon footprint at canada goose outlet jackets all. The Chinese economy is expected to grow at around 6 for at least the next 5 years, chances are GDP uk canada goose outlet will continue at upwards of Canada Goose Outlet this rate for years to come. You CANNOT produce enough renewable energy to simultaneously replace fossil fuels and allow for these growth canada goose black friday sale rates, both fossil fuels and renewable energy usage must canada goose outlet sale be maximised if the Chinese economy is to maintain momentum.

tl;dr China is trying to devalue US shale and become self sufficient, but canada goose factory outlet its economy is expanding so massively canada goose outlet shop that renewable can replace canada goose outlet store uk fossil fuels, its only compensating the rise in energy demand.

Edit: Since canada goose outlet online i getting a lot of comments saying that this is a highly simplified International Relations perspective canada goose uk outlet narrative of buy canada goose jacket events, i just going to post face this by saying: this is a highly simplified International Relations perspective narrative of events. I well aware there are a multitude of other factors, but half Canada Goose Parka of these had been covered by other comments (whereas the canada goose outlet in usa international relations factor hadn so i made a cut down simplification that Canada Goose sale was easy to understand. I starting to get burned canada goose store out replying to responses, so canada goose outlet parka here a particular site i favour for getting down some of basics on energy politics and security that directly Canada Goose Outlet links canada goose outlet black friday to a lot of its sources if canada goose https://www.canadagooseparkasoutlet.ca outlet anyone interested in reading more.

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