For example:Of the 3 canada goose clearance tanks PLD has the

What is the current best tank in 4

I heard that warrior is absolutely broken right canada goose uk black friday now and makes the other two tanks look really bad. Is this true?As a Warrior, your first priority is to have enough Skill Speed to consistently land five canada goose uk outlet Fell Cleaves during Inner Release. Most Warriors canada goose factory sale are aiming for either a 2.43s GCD (782 Skill Speed) or a 2.38s GCD (1119 Skill Speed). Try both and see what you more comfortable with. I personally opt for the 2.38s canada goose coats because of east coast ping.After Skill Speed, prioritize Critical Canada Goose Parka Hit Rate where you can, and Determination where you can Direct Hit Rate is less desirable for Warrior because we guaranteed Direct Hits under Inner Release, and increasing your Direct Hit Rate doesn change the damage multiplier like Critical Hit Rate does. Tenacity is alright on gear, but it doesn reduce damage enough to be worth melding.I just overall wanna do lots of damage. Tons of damage. All the damage. I want to basically be a dps as a tank.Warrior is the way to go then. It has the highest DPS of the tanks, and one of the strongest initial bursts of all the jobs. But expect to pull and tank the boss most of the time. drk mt if you and your party are feeling masochistic.war has the lowest amount of damage sacrificed for single target aggro, drk second, and pld last. for both the pull and maintainingwar has enough cooldown uptime to stay the main tank for most fights, but some fights (like v4s) letting the pld swap in to shelltron a few Canada Goose sale busters is optimal.pld is Canada Goose Outlet best suited for ot, cover, tempered will, intervention, veil, clemency, and passage can be used for either supporting your party or mt. holy spirit also allows you to maintain cheap Canada Goose dps while away from the boss and doing a mechanic (such as cheesing the wind stack mark in v6s with hallowed)drk is not in a good spot. every uk canada goose outlet problem that it had cheap canada goose uk in hw was only exacerbated, and while it can be canadian goose jacket fun to play, and the blackest night is canada goose uk shop very good, it really falls short of the other 2. the dev team was not kind to its toolkit come sb, and below level 70 (since tbn is level 70), playing it is absolutely atrocious.With Stormblood they overcompensated on PLD hard by giving them even more utility, the most damage, and the ability to block magic Canada Goose Coats On Sale damage, while nerfing the other two tanks by changing our stat back from stamina to strength for damage and then taking it off of our accessories.Now with this last patch warrior has been brought back up to its status of «DPS with the blue buy canada goose jacket icon», and even their surviveability benefited from it.And what did DRK get from the expansion? A tacked on meter so DRK could have a big buy canada goose jacket cheap damage button (that they can use anywhere near as often as PLD or WAR), and with the patch? 2 more seconds on blackest night.PLD is the «safe tank» who takes no damage and is high utlity. Warrior is the high damage tank, and DRK has no real canada goose black friday sale identity; canada goose store in heavensward they at least were the «magic damage» tank with dark mind, canada goose but since PLD can block magic damage that doesn really Canada Goose Online mean anything anymore.Heck the class is so ignored if you look at the last Q they actively forgot to answer questions about DRK if the question involved any of the other tanks (but specifically still included something about DRK) and when asked very directly about DRK they said «we possibly look Canada Goose online into it».The problem is this is all under the pretense that «we don want all the classes having the same abilities» which is fair, but it really feels like this is the order of operations; they add some sort of utility or button that PLD couldn do before, then they add something to make canada goose coats on sale warrior better at DPS, maybe sometimes they might give them a utility button but usually if they do its a watered down version of what PLD could already do. Then they get to DRK and realize canada goose clearance sale they gave everything to PLD and WAR so they just chose to add nothing, or they make merged versions of other abilities. If they do get something its the absolute worst version of what the other tanks have.For example:Of the 3 canada goose clearance tanks PLD has the best «don die» button, by just becoming immune to all damage at which point they can clemency themselves up to Canada Goose Jackets full and probably be in a good spot after its uk canada goose over.WAR has the 2nd best because the mechanic to lock you in place can be nasty on some fights, and just not being able to go below 1 means when its over there a chance you could die, there also a chance you can self heal a bit and pull through, and it also means if the fight ends right before it ends you still live.Then there DRK who gets something like WAR but now if they don get a full heal they dead. So not only do they not have anywhere near the self healing that paladins and warriors have, but even if they survive till the end of the fight, if they don get that heal they just get to fall over.Example 2:PLD gets a party wide shield that doesn really cost them anything to use, and its for 10% of the paladins HP.

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