Made a turkey, tons of sides, did it all

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cheap moncler jackets outlet Political posts are at your own risk. Political/news posts are welcome so long as they are related to the spirit of this sub, serve to educate/support our subscribers. Blatant campaigning will be removed. cheap moncler jackets outlet

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moncler jackets mens The theme of this sub is TrollX over 30, but all are welcome regardless of age, gender, and sexual orientation. Please do not post threads suggesting a person needs to hide their identity in order to post moncler outlet sale and comment. We separated for good reason and im in a city a couple hours away with my daughter. Im doing okay. I guess since its Sat Im less busy and feeling a bit sad. It be okay. moncler jackets mens

cheap moncler coats for women Then Im also pissed off bc we have been in contact bc we have an 8 year old and he just doesnt get what the problem is. It pretty simple. You don participate or help in your own family. cheap moncler coats for women

moncler outlet woodbury It all came crashing down bc I got super sick and he just refused to do dishes or pick up groceries and I was sick for almost 2 months after the flu. Just secondary infection after another. Then I did also start drinking too much at the same time which wasn helping, but I just got in this dark place with anger and hatred. Like do the fucking dishes. Help out. Get our kid to school if I can Help me. moncler outlet woodbury

moncler outlet kids I just started feeling so low and kind of betrayed. It is very much «I work and you stay home, ergo this is all your problem». I just don think relationships are supposed to be like that. He just wasn on my team. And that was the straw that broke it all. moncler outlet kids

moncler outlet store There were other problems like saying my cellulite was causing ED issues for him. If there was anything wrong, somehow it was my fault. If anything went right, he enabled it in some way. Like my credit wasn so great years ago. I took over managing everything like 2 years ago and I utilized credit responsibly and gotten things in order. Now my credit is great. Okay that is because he worked so I could pay our credit cards. moncler outlet store

moncler coats outlet Then if I brought up him not engaging in us as a family, we would then talk about how Im a shitty mom. Im like moncler sale online Im up with her everyday, every piece of clean clothing she wearing is because of me, I volunteer at school, I go have lunch with her, I make her do her HW and chores, I uk moncler sale mean I don know what else Im supposed to be doing. I am not good at playing ipad games with her (just not that type of mom I guess) but that doesnt mean much IMO. Im the one that she leans on for everything and I show up for her every fucking time she needs someone to advocate for her. It could never be about how he needs to change. Somehow it would get turned best moncler jackets around to what Im doing wrong which sure can be a discussion, but can we talk about what Im upset about?I don need anyone to disparage him anyway. Im pretty content with my own analysis that goes alongside my therapist discussions. Im just like blah. I guess my main issue is that him and his family kind of go towards the Im moncler outlet online the one with diagnosed mental illness therefore it must be my issue. Im just the ONLY ONE WHO HAS SEEN SOMEONE. You can say you don have any issues when you were raised in a home where moncler sale outlet your mom had her jaw fractured by getting slapped by your dad in addition to moncler uk outlet the abuse to the kids. His parents don like each other either. Sleep separate. Im like I don want to be that. Where we just stay together moncler outlet prices for comfort and convenience. I want to be in love. moncler coats outlet

moncler jackets kids It sounds cheesy, but my parents are cheap moncler jackets mens very much in love still. Granted he is my step dad (my dad left at 3), but he been by stepdad and only dad for 25 years now. God Im old. He kind and works now my mom is older and doesn but he still does chores without asking! He is 100% by my moms side and all of our sides too even though we arent discount moncler jackets his «real» kids. He buys my mom flowers every week. There are Im sure arguments, but not anything that gets disparaging about the other person which is different in my relationship. It goes to character attacks. It not just him, I do it too. I just don want that for my life. I want to have a peaceful home and live with a partner that loves and adores me like I do them. Im not going to accept anything uk moncler outlet elseI had a similar situation with moncler sale my ex husband, but no kids. We both worked but I did everything else: cooking, cleaning, home maintenance, etc. He definitely blamed me for everything bad that happened too. I sort of realized it during the marriage but didn realize how big of a problem it was until I was describing random current conversations to my new boyfriend (like now anything that happens is still my fault because I dumped him and now he has to live in an apartment and had to change jobs, etc). I think being apart for over a year he gotten better though and maybe we moncler online store actually can be friends without that shit. Im working on that in therapy because I was really the scapegoat in my childhood, so its kind of one of those repeating pattern things that happens to people. moncler jackets kids

moncler chicago It hard bc I start to bubble up because my internal voice says «STOP THAT NOT TRUE ABOUT YOU» and yet Im hearing that its all my fault all the time. I been really angry since like January because I been sick and like on the way home from work, I say hey can you pick cheap moncler coats mens up stuff on the list (it on our phones). He got pissed and refused one day when I just asked for stuff for my kiddo and his breakfast (frozen food was all I was capable of) and I didn know the day before when he stopped at the store, that they both were out of food the next day. I mean how do moncler outlet store YOU not know you out of breakfast sandwiches. You and kiddo eat them so whatever. moncler chicago

moncler jackets men Here two examples of the nitpicking: First he works at an apt complex. Someone left a tv behind. We had it 2 weeks, it went out. Would not work. He said it because Im hard on electronics. Im like maybe its a 7 year old tv and it just broke? Maybe they left it bc it wasn working? Nope, lists examples of everything I ever broken. moncler jackets men

womens moncler jackets Next up (I was just reminded bc my dad bought me tulips yesterday): I host dinner for his whole family. Made a turkey, tons of sides, did it all. I bought moncler outlet 4 sunflowers for the table. They were like 10 bucks. I get a lecture about wasting money. moncler outlet woodbury I was just like over fighting, so I let it go. womens moncler jackets

moncler jackets on sale He takes these things as no problem. No it just I don want to have a giant fight about spending 10 bucks on flowers. My silence doesn indicate understanding it complete defeat while still realizing that Im right and he wrong. He just picking at me. I manage our budget so I know that moncler womens jackets we can afford 10 bucks in flowers. We not strapped or anything, not well off either, but we fucking set. I can buy flowers if I want to. I really dislike my boss, and it making me want to leave, but I like my actual job and most of the people I working with. I learning a lot, I getting to do work that will help me a cheap moncler jackets lot career wise, but my boss is such an idiot. He cheap moncler jackets womens keeps assigning stuff to me at the last minute, either because everything is high priority in his mind (even stuff that obviously not) or he just forgets to tell me something is needed until a few days before the work is due. He wants to do everything in a hurry, which means nothing gets done right the first time, and I end up having to re do stuff all the time. moncler jackets on sale

moncler outlets uk The thing is, the fact that he is so incompetent means I get to step cheap moncler sale in and actually do stuff that he failing at, moncler usa which both makes me look good and is great experience. moncler outlets uk

moncler outlet online store Also, a lot of people will be very screwed if I leave, because there is absolutely no one at the company that can do what I do and it would take them several weeks to hire someone new. I don really care about how that would affect the company overall or my boss, but a lot of teams and individuals depend on the work that I do. I be 38 next week and I always known my blood pressure is slightly elevated but this week someone took my blood pressure and it was very high. I have so much anxiety around moving my body and feel safe being still. I know that is crazy. I also have a bad relationship with food that has always been a problem, but I used to be able to lose weight I gain pretty easily. Not so anymore. My body is changing in ways that are normal with aging but I am having trouble accepting. Yet at the same time I do nothing to change it moncler outlet online store.

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