Attitude gets you in the business, wardrobe can be fixed

Meeting an acting agent tomorrow

LET BREAK DOWN WHAT WRONG STEP BY STEP AND WHAT YOU SHOULD DO STARTING FROM THE TOP.I don understand what going on with your collar at ALL. is it folded up? What going on? Either way it too small, you can tell because it looks so tight moncler outlet and is so high up in your chin in the front, if you can fit two fingers in your collar it too big. Try unbuttoning the top button for that casual look. cheap moncler jackets mens Ladies and agents will swoon.Now your tie looks too fat for this outfit and it clashes. If you doing a tie here it would have to be a skinny tie and a neutral color. Because it summer you need high contrast and bright colors so I go with either a light moncler online store grey or black skinny tie.Your cardigan doesn fit, the elastic waist is dying and you rolled the sleeves up messily. It not put on right which is obvious because your shirt is bunching up and exposed for more than half your shoulder.Burn your shorts. Now. Or maybe try cuffing them and wear moncler sale outlet them with something else I not the boss of you. You can do cardigan and shorts rarely but this is not moncler usa that time or place. The color is dark and drab for summer and it way too long.Here how to do uk moncler outlet that preppy cardigan with a tie discount moncler jackets look. Note thin tie and contrasting colors. And cheap moncler jackets dat fit unffYou moncler sale want to go with chinos or dark jeans now. Nice slim fitting chinos in white or khaki whick will contrast with your cheap moncler sale cardigan better and will balance your fit or jeans will let your pink shirt all casually worn stick out cheap moncler coats mens and contrast with the rest of your fit.Here some more cardigan best moncler jackets inspiration. 1 2 3 4If the cardigan doesn fit DON WEAR IT.Wear stuff you comfortable and feel good in. You seeing an agent it so much more about moncler outlet prices confidence. Attitude gets you in the business, wardrobe can be fixed. Unbutton the moncler outlet woodbury cardigan(?) by one button, or perhaps unbutton it all the way. It looks pretty baggy when mostly moncler sale online buttoned. It hard to tell but if the cardigan is navy and the tie is black, change the tie to a different colour navy and black don match. Otherwise, navy, pink and olive cheap moncler jackets womens is a good colour combination that moncler outlet sale is surprisingly easy to work with. Can see how the tie and shirt look Moncler sale outlet because the image is blurry around there. A close up shot would moncler outlet store be nice.The outfit is quite casual because it has shorts and uk moncler sale knitwear. I not sure what the formality level you want to create, but this is just moncler outlet online casual, not even smart casual. I don know how professional the interview is though. It is summer, so you will want to work with colours. I would say to ditch the cardigan, and just wear the red dress shirt (again, fit is king) and moncler womens jackets possibly the tie. The tie looks a little wide though. I would also switch out the shorts with pants, preferably khakis, but nice pair of dark slim jeans can moncler uk outlet work.

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