I ended up just cheap moncler jackets uninstalling it

now with more redesign

The last Stylish update for FF was over double the size, had some new analytics (though most of the new size was from accidentally including syntax highlighters for a hundred different languages, and prior versions had unannounced analytics too), and had no changelog or release announcement.Most of their recent discount moncler jackets reviews are 1 star, and ever since FF Quantum styles only seem moncler outlet prices to have a 50/50 chance of being applied to any particular page. I could refresh reddit and watch it fail/succeed best moncler jackets at uk moncler sale random.I ended up just cheap moncler jackets uninstalling it.But, of those billions, only a fraction moncler outlet sale stay long enough, and of those actually staying, and keeping Reddit alive, those who install and use RES are those in for the long moncler outlet store haul, which should be something cheap moncler jackets mens the admins moncler sale outlet consider. Daily active users who return time and time again should be moncler uk outlet considered just as important as attracting new users, but their insistence on rolling moncler outlet woodbury out moncler online store this redesign says enough.Which is really short sighted of them as Digg implosion brought in millions of moncler outlet new users who used to uk moncler outlet shit all over Reddit for its interface, then became hooked when they realized how versatile it is. I accept this.If you ask me, the design is https://www.newmoncleroutlet.com following a cheap moncler sale really stupid trend of a pseudo material design with lots of white space eveywhere, looks more mobile friendly for sure and I would like to think that it was made for it since it kind of resembles some of the gallery modes of some poorly designed apps that run on some tablets. I not browsing the site on mobile, I don use the official app to new moncler outlet browse the site either since I don like it moncler usa for pretty much the same reason. Let not pretend someone would care about what I or pretty much moncler outlet online anyone has to say about it because the cheap moncler coats mens site is transitioning into that. thing.For me and I bet I not the only one, this will end up with running some CSS on client side to avoid it, like any sane person does with youtube moncler sale online and other terribly designed sites.On the other side it would be awesome to be able to browse the site in moncler sale it current state just by using the RES extension which since forever cheap moncler jackets womens provided some basic cool options like moncler womens jackets a night mode or the option to just turn off the subreddits css per subreddit or kind of being able to backup your stuff to move it to a new machine. I know I asking too much so right now I more interested to know if RES will keep on working or if down the road it will break just because of the changes nobody asked made to the site.

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