The trick is, Treasure Hunter affects Master Thief bonus roll,

Locke Xon’s abilities finally explained

canada goose jacket outlet uk By default, first a roll is made to see if a Rare item canada goose factory sale drops, then a roll to see if a Common item drops, and otherwise nothing drops. (or some variation on this theme). canada goose jacket outlet uk

canada goose outlet edmonton Master Thief creates a second, separate loot roll that only includes a reduced buy canada goose jacket chance at Rare items. The gamepedia entry backs this up, and it why you sometimes see rare+common drops from a single chest when running Xon. Since the chance for a rare item is usually quite low(EG 5%) Master Thief only generates an extra item rarely(EG 2.5% of the time). canada canada goose online goose outlet edmonton

canada goose outlet canada Treasure Hunter provides a bonus to canada goose uk outlet Common canada goose clearance sale item cheap canada goose uk drop rates, evidently 25%. Treasure Hunter is a lower level ability on a lower tier unit, so it makes sense it Canada Goose Coats On Sale weaker than Master Thief. See more below. canada goose outlet canada

canada goose outlet in usa The Japanese versions apparently work differently, so we can assume JP data is valid for us. canada goose outlet in usa

canada goose outlet us Treasure Hunter provides a static bonus to the drop of «common» items. The trick is, Treasure Hunter affects Master Thief bonus roll, making it able to drop common items again, resulting in an across the board increase when the two are paired. The survey data is messy, but it definitely supports the notion of a big increase in common item drops, with a Master Thief level of increase in rare drops, which is what we expect if these abilities work in tandem. canada goose outlet us

canada goose outlet uk We see canada goose black friday sale a total % Canada Goose sale increase in T1 T3 drops of about 100%. If Xon ability works once per Battle, that lines up perfectly with a 25% increase from Treasure Hunter. T1/T2 mats probably appear on common tables 1 3 and T1/T2/T3 are common on table 4, which is why we see fewer bonus T3 mats. canada goose outlet uk

canada goose outlet uk sale Seeing double common items from a chest should be a regular thing while running Locke+Xon. canada goose outlet uk sale

canada goose outlet black friday Running Locke alone should not result in double drops of any kind. canada goose outlet black friday

canada goose uk Running canada goose uk black friday Xon alone should only result in Canada Goose Outlet rare+(something) cheap Canada Goose double drops. canada goose uk

canada goose outlet ottawa Once in a very, very long time running Xon you should see a Double Giantcryst drop from Canada Goose Jackets Chamber of Gems or some other double rare drop. Has anyone seen this happen? It also possible there Canada Goose online some kind of shenanigans or uk canada goose hard coding to prevent double rare drops, so even if this can happen it doesn mean everything else is dead wrong. canada goose outlet ottawa

canada goose kensington parka uk Treasure Hunter should cause an obvious increase in drops anywhere the normal drop rate is low. Testing somewhere with about a 50% drop rate would be ideal. There really aren a lot of places with a low common item drop rate so this may be tricky. It probably won function anywhere the enemies are intended to drop nothing. In dungeons or quests when something is dropped canada goose store 100% of the time canada goose coats on sale he have no affect I assume. canada goose kensington parka uk

canada goose outlet buffalo I figured Xon increased the chance canada goose of any drop rate of being rare instead of normal. So it would affect all drops that occur (thus running Locke with him seems more efficient by increasing the probability of a rare drop on the extra normal drops). canada goose outlet buffalo

canada goose clothing uk I haven done any research or taken stats so I buy canada goose jacket cheap as lost as anyone else. I not sure if this drops exclude any quests or Vortex runs. I ran double Xon and Locke through every quest in the A Promise Beyond Time event just in case. Does this match with your way of thinking?Three pieces of data: canada goose clothing uk

canada goose jacket uk First, the gamepedia suggests as much when it states, «Master Thief allows more than 1 item to drop Canada Goose Online from defeated foes.». canada goose jacket uk

canada goose outlet kokemuksia Second, Locke does nothing statistically significant by himself. canada goose outlet kokemuksia

canada goose outlet england Third, when paired with Xon, Locke causes a nearly perfect +25% per battle increase of T1 t3 drops, spread almost exactly how we expect if T1/T2 drop from the first 3 canadian goose jacket battles and T3 only drops as common in the 4th. canada goose outlet england

canada goose jacket outlet toronto The best canada goose coats explanation fitting these data points is that Xon generates a new loot roll, which Locke modifies(and he doesn modify anything without Xon because the common drop rates are already 100%) canada goose jacket outlet toronto

canada goose outlet real I sure there are other possible explanations, but this one has the benefit of leaving us with the kind of nice, simple numbers we expect from game developers. canada goose outlet real

canada goose outlet in montreal Xon does a new roll with x 50% chance of Rares. canada goose outlet in montreal

canada goose stockists uk Locke modifies the Common drops by +25%. canada goose stockists uk

canada goose outlet ontario It entirely possible that in canada goose clearance other circumstances Treasure Hunter +25% causes the roll on the Common loot table to shift upward, resulting in a higher quality loot. Maybe the same thing is true of canada goose uk shop the Rare Canada Goose Parka loot table and Chamber of Gems simply doesn reflect it, uk canada goose outlet or (as I mentioned) the data isn precise enough to show the effect on Rare drops canada goose outlet ontario.

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