2500 brutto in Romania is not the same as 2500 brutto in The

itsmegoddamnit u

15 points submitted 2 hours canada goose outlet agoTeoria conspiraiei (n care cred ntr o msur): this is a long con. Ponta i Dragnea au stabilit momentul sta nc de cnd Ponta a ieit din partid, ca canada goose coats on sale s poat Dragnea avea o ieire canada goose black friday sale de la guvernare fr probleme, mai devreme de termen (finalul ciclului electoral). Iar acum c s a ajuns la fundul sacului e momentul potrivit.Ponta ajut PNL la moiunea de cenzur, PNL face guvern, PSD intr n opoziie pn la alegeri cnd iar vor ctiga. 2 Canada Goose Online points submitted 6 days agoDon have experience with a lawyer but googling this you shouldn worry too much. Two things should be there to let this clause be valid. 1: You should be employed by them. That is the case. It is 2 that makes the difference. «determinability». Either your contract should specify what kind of code falls Canada Goose Outlet under this clause. Or they should work with projects which specifically determine the code that falls under this clause. When their clause is buy canada goose jacket cheap not really specified in detail the law says to canada goose uk outlet err in favor of you the actual maker. So unless canada goose uk black friday you make a direct competitor for your employer canada goose and code uk canada goose in your own time you shouldn be to worried. 2 points submitted 4 days agoIn this case it is about coding. Say they use Python. They cannot forbid you to use Python. That is the equivalent of telling a carpenter not to use a hammer anymore.EDIT: keep in mind. This clause in the contract is not there to limit the employee.sergiuspk 4 points submitted 13 days agoI a full stack dev and constantly get offers from all over Europe. UK, Germany and Holland seem canada goose store to offer the best wages, around twice what I canada goose coats make in Romania but rent starts at 1000 euro per month (in a good area) compared to 300 here.I also get offers from Ireland, Poland, Malta, Cyprus and Spain (usually Barcelona) and they are mostly equivalent to what canada goose https://www.alifeoutofdebt.com uk shop I earn here.You can expect between 2500 and 4500 euro for a Canada Goose Parka senior position anywhere in Europe. I am talking after taxes of course. London is at the high end but so is cost of life. Definitely check out cost of life before making a decision.As a junior I would expect the canadian goose jacket same differences but average wage is around 1200 euro at the lower end (Romania, Spain, Poland) and probably 2500 in London.Regarding language you find an office that is diverse enough everywhere. We doing it in Romania at my 20 people office.It ideal to refer to brutto salaries (before taxes) rather than netto uk canada goose outlet salaries (after taxes) as the amount a person is taxed can vary on cheap canada goose uk several criteria. You buy canada goose jacket could pay less taxes if you married or your wife doesn work or you could benefit from the 30% ruling in Netherlands and get 30% of your income tax free.Another reason why I mention this is that I have been involved as an interviewer a couple of times and it seemed unprofessional for the candidate to cheap Canada Goose refer to salaries after tax. Western companies only care Canada Goose online what you cost them as an employee, not what you get in hand, so don make them make one more calculation to determine the brutto pay.I don know if other countries than Romania have this habit of referring to net salaries in salary negotiations.sergiuspk 1 point submitted 12 days agoTaxation is equal for all individuals (with few exceptions) in Romania. Also, only till early this year, all taxes were demanded from the employer, not the employee, so it was advantageous to agree uppon a netto salary (so it stays the same no matter the taxation). I rather say it impolite Canada Goose sale to talk about brutto with a potential employee that has zero knowledge about the taxation regulations he have to follow. Not to say such a possible employee would canada goose clearance sale be OK to have no knowledge of her possible future taxes.So yes, you are correct, «of course» is wrong because I assumed it the same everywhere.OP: make sure you know what taxes you owe before thinking advertised wages are OK.Regarding what ideal: yes, when comparing offers Canada Goose Jackets from a certain Canada Goose Coats On Sale country, as an individual, you take taxes into account. In our canada goose factory sale case where we are comparing offers across different taxation systems I say it better to talk about netto because otherwise brutto is misleading. 2500 brutto in Romania is not the same as 2500 brutto in The Netherlands so it be dumb to say offers are equivalent. Yes, canada goose clearance they might be for employers, but OP is an employee. The numbers I offered are «adjusted» according to my situation after I asked potential employers for netto amounts.itsmegoddamnit 1 point submitted 12 days agoYes, you are right my point was that Romania (and perhaps other countries? I don know) has the particularity that employers and employees discuss the net salaries while in most (all?) of the Western countries the discussed salaries is always the brutto one.

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