Were it only the latter I never sensed that there wouldn be a

canada goose clearance sale and instantly the long ignored memory leak bug gets focused upon canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose sale Here the upstream issue:I see four related merge requests. Three are in gjs, only one of which has been merged so far:All the fixes were written by a Red Hat developer. The initial Canada Goose Outlet investigation and code review was done by Endless. Late edit: I blind, most of the gjs fixes were done by Endless, too.The cheap canada goose uk other related work has cheap Canada Goose been on mutter Wayland backend:again, by the canada goose uk shop same Red Hat dev, and that not going to affect Ubuntu 18.04 at all.OP claims «Ubuntu comes in, and then tries to set things uk canada goose straight» are objectively false. Canonical hasn done anything here except backport the work done by Red Hat. Canonical deserves credit Canada Goose sale for that quickly releasing a downstream update is good! but OP point is simply untrue.Also, let be clear: there are a lot of memory leaks affecting gnome shell. It looks like some significant Canada Goose Online problems may have been fixed, but no doubt there are many more. Continually reducing the number of leaks will be a long term project.In general: fixing leaks is boring and Canada Goose online under appreciated work. Bug reports are often extremely vague («the memory use goes up» isn very helpful) https://www.forcanadagoose.ru, so it hard to even get useful bug reports when there no continuous integration infrastructure to catch leaks. And canada goose clearance sale for gnome shell, everything is exacerbated by the fact that normal leak tools are canada goose coats hard to use for code running buy canada goose jacket cheap in a JavaScript interpreter. You notice that most of the fixes were to the gjs garbage collector, that quite tricky code and not something that just any developer can easily fix.They are doing Canada Goose Coats On Sale a Canada Goose Parka great job with doing Canada Goose Jackets testing the fix on a full scale by introducing it in Ubuntu 18.04, but saying that they uk canada goose outlet are canada goose clearance the source of the fix is simply not true. Not to mention that they have said that they were introducing a bit less than a year canada goose factory sale ago, so it not «Ubuntu came and instantly it get focused».(same for the OMGUbuntu article, the investigation started before the article, and several some smaller fixes where fixed before)It still very, very sad and paints a buy canada goose jacket horrible picture about the desktop Linux community at large that it took years of Canonical hemorrhaging money chasing a dream they were realistically too small to catch canada goose uk outlet (it was a worthwhile dream nevertheless), and all the distributions that were to make GNOME and Wayland great again hemorrhaging users to Ubuntu and Mint for these two camps to kiss and make up.Were it only the former I feel that the people that called the shots in GNOME would just slam the door behind failing Canonical with a «Good riddance!» like it was just another Lindows. Were it only the latter I never sensed that there wouldn be a place for a Gnome spinoff in the Ubuntu camp as long as enough users want one. I really wish I am wrong canada goose uk black friday on the first one canada goose outlet, but in my recollection of the drama canadian goose jacket I doubt it.Cutest thing from the era when it canada goose was cool to hate on Canonical were some people in the canada goose coats on sale the Elementary gang to whom mentioning their obvious upstream was a taboo and were insistant they rebase on Debian at a date which never came. It a slider I guess, in practice I value other developer bug reports much higher than a person with 1 bug report. Also note just because it crashed doesn canada goose store mean I didn know why even before the bug report was posted. I honestly could have preempted half of the bug reports for canada goose black friday sale my code back when I was heavily contributing Canada Goose sale.

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