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H3 Calls out grimmz on his ‘illegal’ DMCA of stream sniper video

This subreddit has a few simple rules put in place to ensure everything cheap Canada Goose here is up to a good standard. Breaking these rules will lead to punishment Canada Goose Online at the moderators canadian goose jacket discretion.

1. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. a tweet about the fail from the streamer).

2. Posts must be within the canada goose factory sale guidelines of the content we allow (Wins/Fails/Drama/Meta/etc). Regular video game deaths or small canada goose outlet reviews bugs canada goose uk black friday in games (H1Z1) are likely to be canada goose outlet store removed. Compilations Canada Goose sale will be removed as well. Frequently submitted buy canada goose jacket streamers may be held to a higher standard of quality may be removed if the content canada goose clearance sale canada goose outlet store uk does not canada goose clearance reach a higher vote threshold.

3. Posts must be Canada Goose Outlet marked and flaired correctly.

4. Streamers sharing too cheap canada goose beachcottage uk much information or creating drama Canada Goose Parka for canada goose drama sake are not canada canada goose uk outlet goose outlet new york city fails. (As voted on by the users) And will be deleted.

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(If you submit a video of a Text to Speech donation, read donor name, or song with racial slurs in it, it will be removed.)

Please report posts which you feel break any of these simple rules.

If a canada goose canada goose store outlet black friday video goes down, it may canada goose outlet be up on this website.

These guidelines are for if you like to get everything perfect. You don have to canada goose black friday sale abide by these, but doing so can Canada Goose Jackets make your post far canada goose jacket outlet better. five or more minutes long), be sure to put a timestamp of the beginning of the fail in the comments. you canada goose coats on sale submitting a link directly to a Twitch VoD, a YouTube link canada goose factory outlet that isn yours, canada goose outlet uk sale etc., it a good idea to rip it and upload a mirror somewhere canada goose outlet canada else, just in case the original gets deleted somehow.

If Canada Goose online you submitting Cheap canada goose jackets a frequently posted streamer, be aware your post may be removed if it doesn meet a higher vote threshold than non frequently submitted streamers. Wasn a false claim? over half the video is of canada goose outlet toronto factory the stream snipers perspective with editing and music put over it. The only time they showed grimmaz was with short cuts to his stream.

Happy I unfollowed grimmaz, hes great at playing pubg but his shit personality canada goose outlet shop is going to be his channels death. I love to find the clip of him when I first watched his stream, he was talking about how hes got tough skin like sandpaper buy canada goose jacket cheap and all the plebs of his chat have thin skin. If you stream, you canada goose uk shop open yourself up to this. I don believe there was ever a punishment and people that complained about it a lot canada goose outlet parka weren given much empathy by goose outlet canada the community. Props to him. If you don canada goose outlet online uk like it, don stream! If they had turned it into something the uk canada goose chat could meme canada goose black friday sale off, or just laughed it off the respect and views would increase. I haven watched much PUBG, but I know who NOT to watch now. Video canada goose outlet uk was uploaded on youtube and Grimmz filed that claim shortly after. It is now taken down. The video does contain clips of the uploaders honking at PUBG streamers and laugh about it. Its not only grimmz thats shown, but also dr disrespect, anthony and I think others. No matter if you think its fun or official canada goose outlet not, its 100% fair use, canada goose outlet in usa and Ethan uk canada goose outlet Klein (h3h3) is probably canada goose coats canada goose outlet online the biggest «defender of fair use» on youtube right now, having just won a lawsuit against someone who sued h3h3 over canada goose outlet nyc a critical video of Matt Hoss.

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