I was called a racist for assuming black people are too stupid

How is what I am doing racist

Participate in good faith. You must be here to either learn Canada Goose sale about canada goose social justice or answer canada goose jacket uk canada goose outlet outlet questions in accordance with social justice principles. This space is not for debates. Do not deny the existence canada goose outlet sale of privilege, sexism, racism, and the like. We do our best to canada goose canada goose uk black friday outlet in canada goose clearance sale usa give our members the benefit of the doubt.

Your comments Canada Goose Outlet canada goose outlet black friday and posts must be substantive. All assertions must be backed with factual evidence or lived experience.

You should be supportive. We expect Canada Goose Coats On Sale respect, kindness, and patience from all canada goose coats contributions. Hostility, mocking, harassment and rudeness have official canada goose outlet no place here.

Repeated, unheeded canada goose uk outlet warnings or participation in bad faith will Canada Goose Outlet Sale result in a canada goose black friday sale ban.

If you encounter any canada goose factory sale rule breaking, please make use of the report button and send a modmail instead of calling them out yourself. All rules are enforced at moderator discretion. The summary of my posts is that white people still commit atrocities to black people and that racism did canada goose outlet shop not end in 1865 like the government wants us to think. I cannot post screenshots because my school has a Canada Goose Jackets weird policy canada goose outlet that considers this harassment, but I was told by other white people that I should not be speaking for black people. I told them that we have an obligation to educate fellow white people about racism. canada goose outlet nyc I was told canada goose outlet store uk by somebody that white people can speak for canada goose outlet uk themselves, and I asked them how can somebody speak if their voices were taken away. I was called a racist for assuming black people are too stupid to speak up canada canadian goose jacket goose outlet canada about racism. I never thought this at any point. Is this an alt right deflection tactic or am I in the wrong?

It is always OK to speak out against bad things. While there is canada goose outlet store merit to the idea that you shouldn speak over people, canada goose factory outlet or try to tell stories that canada goose outlet toronto factory are not yours, we can all canada goose outlet uk sale and should all talk about the shitty treatment people of color receive at the hands of white people.

White people get very upset and fragile when confronted by the fact cheap canada goose uk that they are canada goose clearance the inheritors of a lot of canada goose store unearned things because of racism. They don buy canada goose jacket cheap want to think about how they may have more than their share because their Canada Goose Online ancestor stole it from someone, or even if canada goose uk shop that never happened, that others canada goose outlet new york city ancestors stole enough and Canada Goose Parka they happened to benefit from it. They don want to think about racism canada buy canada goose jacket goose outlet online because it may make them look canada goose black friday sale bad.

So, they will silence you. They canada goose outlet online uk will call you racist because you taking about race issues. It always a deflection and silencing tactic.

They both shitty things to say and uk canada goose there no need canada goose outlet reviews to be so provocative when talking about these things esp goose outlet canada if your goal is to promote peaceful canada goose outlet jackets solutions.

On the other hand you have white people that use the logic you are talking about to say NOTHING which is also terrible. Their commitment to not saying anything is not great.

Try to share articles written by canada unicorndesigns goose outlet parka black people about anti blackness, try to read and listen mostly and share. Talking about canada goose coats on sale black people as a white person can be pretty bad but lifting up voices of other populations is really greatwhite people still commit atrocities to black people

That is a pretty contentious statement. How many white people have cheap Canada Goose «committed an atrocity» against black people do you think? If you create generalised contentious statements that smear an entire demographic you Canada Goose online can expect an angry response.

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