But that second part is still something I am not 100% sure

DarkOsa comments on tank choice for 7

canada goose vest outlet They are indeed getting some serious buffs in upcoming patch, and the gameplay is amazing. I tried to play every tank in the game except for monk and they all seem boring in comparison. canada goose vest outlet

canada goose outlet store uk Yes, canada goose dhs have spikey damage income, but that intended, you have to watch over you own health bar and use self healing if necessary. Never heard a healer complaining once about difficulties in healing me, it all comes down to proper buy canada goose jacket cheap defensive cooldowns Canada Goose Parka rotation: Metamorphosis (gets a huge buffs in patch), Demon Spikes, Fiery Brand, Soul Barrier (if you have the talent) and Fel Devastation. All of these abilities canada goose uk outlet are pretty fun to use, and you can compensate for poor passive damage mitigation with pushing the right buttons in the right time. mastery+crit for M+ dungeons), rule of thumb is: if an item has higher ilvl, equip it (does not apply to sta trinkets though, they are garbage). We dhs really need that agility from items, and canadian goose jacket every secondary stat have some use for us. canada goose outlet store uk

buy canada goose uk TL;DR: If you are looking for a fun spec, look no further Canada Goose Online than Vengeance DH =)First of all, thank you for the first in depth comment. Really hoping for more of that kind over time. Obviously, considering my mood, you just said what I wanted to hear. Also expecting DH to be canada goose uk shop fairly fun to play, yet hopefully powerful enough. But that second part is still something I am not 100% sure about, even uk canada goose with 7.1.5 changes. What if I ever canada goose clearance decide to raid some end game abit or do m+{10 15} with a restoDruid? Also, specs like a protWarrior or BDK barely find their spots, what to say about DH. Monks are probably a no no also in terms of insanely low damage and weak artifact traits. Simply dropping them thoughts, maybe you could canada goose store provide even more info in general regards to tanking canada goose black friday sale and what to expect in upcoming 7.1.5 7.2Sadly, I can say much about endgame content, my highest M+ completed in time was Canada Goose Jackets some +9, and I barely raiding. But you can always check M+ leaderboards and see for yourself that there Canada Goose Outlet are plenty of Vengeance DH that completing +11 +12 in time. Really, in tanking, it currently all comes down to Canada Goose Coats On Sale a player, not a class (except for pushing for world first maybe). I just suggesting to Canada Goose sale do not pick buy canada goose jacket the specs that you obviously don like much and try demon hunter. buy canada goose uk

canada goose outlet new york city As for upcoming cheap canada goose uk changes, what currently on PTR: +10% stamina, 10% damage reduction moved from Demon Spikes to passive Demonic Wards, which is overall a www.canadagooseonline.info slight buff, Demon Form have additional 100% armor+our spam ability (Shear) Canada Goose online deals more damage and generates canada goose uk black friday 1 Soul Fragment with canada goose factory sale each strike (best changes, can wait to see them on live), Soul canada goose outlet Barrier absorbing even more damage and it cost reduced, good ST damage ability, Fracture, finally becoming useful because of reduced cost, one class legendary, Runemaster Pauldrons, got some fine tuning + we are getting new legendary gloves. I think that the most important changes, probably missed something but you can see that DH tanking becoming more solid. canada goose outlet new york city

canada goose premium outlet About meta: pretty much it is described above, and I might also add that Meta makes you pretty much unkillable for those 15 seconds, especially with Soul Rending talent. Right now just killed Moroes with all four guests untrapped without any problems. Also there is Last Resort talent, which is a cheat death on very low cd, and it procs Meta too. It getting nerfed to 8 minutes, yes, but will probably worth picking over Soul Barrier for pushing hard content. But I should say, if you are looking for some solid pick and planning canada goose clearance sale to play with it for a long time, every choice you make will be risky there definitely will be more changes in game balance in the future, specs power will vastly change with getting new item levels, new content release canada goose coats etc. Game changes uk canada goose outlet constantly, and DPS, heal and tank ranks will change too, some specs slightly more powerful than the others. canada goose premium outlet

canada goose outlet 80 off This is why I suggest to pick any canada goose coats on sale tank you like from pure gameplay perspective if you enjoy mashing buttons on it, chances are that you personally will be more successful with it than on tank you picked just by using statistics. Statistics says that warriors, druids and paladins are on top most of the time, so you should look there. But I should add, I dumped my old prot warrior I played with for 9 years just because DH is more cheap Canada Goose fun and never regret it canada goose outlet 80 off.

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