You can’t expect to build it and just hope they can fit in to

Emmet Lego Figure Costume From LEGO MOVIE

The head and hair are just a sheet of dense foam. I canada haydar-furniture goose outlet store cut out many of the needed canada goose outlet uk sale diameter and glued them all together. after that had died I used a coarse wood file to start shaping the foam to my desired shape. I then coated it in resin and painted it. You want the costume to fit the person Canada Goose Outlet you are building it for. You can’t expect to build it and just hope they can fit in to it. Get measurements of head, shoulders, chest, mid section, waist, legs, feet, etc. I took every measurement I made canada goose outlet and added one inch to it. That way the costume would fit «snug». I found a flat piece off cardboard and started canada goose outlet parka drawing canada goose uk outlet out my measurements. I decided canada goose jacket outlet how wide the waist needed to be canada goose outlet in usa to look the most «lego like», then based everything from the waist down off of those measurements. canada goose outlet toronto factory Having a lego figure with you will really help with this step.

I got a dense sheet of foam to use for the head and hair. I figured out my uk canada goose measurements by comparing the little lego canada goose uk shop guys proportions in my hand vs. the mid canada goose outlet nyc section that I had just drawn out on the cardboard. To make canada goose outlet sale the circles on the foam you can canada goose clearance either use a protractor or the ol’ nail on one end of a string and marker on the other end. Depending on your thickness of foam canada goose coats you will need to determine cheap Canada Goose how many canada goose buy canada goose jacket cheap outlet new york city circles you will canada goose outlet shop have to cut out to reach your desired height. keep in mind that one of the circles you need to cut out Canada Goose Parka are for the neck so it will canada goose factory sale be about 2 inches narrower than the others but should be figured canada goose outlet uk in to your overall height. Use either a thin canada goose Canada Goose sale black Canada Goose Online friday sale steak canada goose outlet jackets knife or an old hack saw blade canada goose outlet canada goose reviews wrapped in tape like I did canada goose outlet store uk to cut out canada goose clearance sale the circles.

To glue the circles together I found it best to canada goose outlet black friday use either wood glue or Loctite Canada Goose online G02 canadian goose jacket Glue (which dries like rubberish foam) First choice would be wood glue though. When you glue the circles together you should line them up as flush buy canada goose jacket as possible and keep the glue back away from the edges about half an inch. Also keep uk canada goose outlet in mind that there will be a head in the middle of this so glue where the head will be is a waste of glue. After official canada goose outlet glueing them all together including the neck, I flipped them over upside down and found the heaviest object to sit on top of them till they dried. after you’re done with shaping its time to add the lego tab Canada Goose Coats On Sale to the top of the head. Again I figured out my canada goose outlet online uk measurement by comparing the foam head to an actual lego head. After glueing the lego tab on top of the head you’ll need to let it dry the same way you did canada goose outlet canada the rest canada goose canada goose coats on sale outlet online of the head. When it’s dry you’ll just need to slightly sand and roll the edges of the tab to make it look right. After that I drew my sons head measurements on the bottom of the neck with a marker and started carving out the foam until I reached my desired size.

I forgot to take pictures of this but what I did was set Canada Goose Jackets goose outlet canada the head out and pretty much made half moon pieces of foam that fit around the head canada goose factory outlet all the way to the top then cut out the pieces like doughnuts to go around the head for canada goose black friday sale the bangs and canada goose outlet store top of hair then topped it off with a smaller circle. I glued it canada goose store all together and held it together with toothpicks and wedges till it dried.

I then very heavily coated cheap canada goose uk everything it’s desired color using spray paint. Notice the canada goose uk black friday AMAZING thick shiny finish. You get that from taking your time and applying many many even coats.

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