But by submitting a site or buy canada goose jacket cheap the

buy canada goose jacket Google Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools Makes Managing Your Websites Easy as 1 canada goose clearance 2 3The American culture is definitely an impatient society. All you have to do is look at the canada goose coats proliferation of fast food restaurants, self serve checkout lanes, microwave meals, and movies canada goose uk outlet on demand to understand that the ideal, «patience is a virtue,» is fast becoming antiquated. If we can’t wait more than one minute for a hamburger, how then are we to wait days or longer for Google to find our newly minted or updated website?

canada goose coats on sale Google Webmaster Tools is a bit like the fast, self serve checkout lane in the local grocery store you might get your site crawled and indexed quicker, with the added bonus of feeling like you’re a little bit in control.

Additionally, Webmaster Tools, a must for any website owner interested uk canada goose in gathering key information from the top Canada Goose Online search engine, is a one stop shop for managing anywhere from one to multiple websites. Sure, it contains Canada Goose Coats On Sale tools for the webmasters canada goose uk black friday with more technical know how, but it also provides easy enough to understand data and tools that even the novice webmaster will find helpful.

canada goose clearance This article will focus on how to submit your website to Google and how to submit newly Canada Goose sale updated pages buy canada goose jacket (URLs) so cheap canada goose uk that canada goose uk shop Google is aware of the changes sooner.

canadian goose jacket But first. Is Webmaster Tools necessary for Google to find my site and updated pages?In a word, no. Google bots already do a good job of crawling the web and adding new or newly updated content to their index if they think it is relevant. But by submitting a site or buy canada goose jacket cheap the URL of an updated page via Webmaster Tools, your site and/or page should get crawled to faster. Oftentimes, speed can have a direct impact on the bottom line.

Say for example, your company website sells widget A. Widget A receives no special prominence on your e commerce website canada goose coats on sale as it is one of thousands of items you sell. To your surprise, widget A is featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things holiday special. At lightening speed you put widget A in the spotlight on your home page and you even update your website’s description to include a mention of widget A.

canada goose store The only problem: Google has your old pages indexed. In order to get Google to hopefully react more quickly and index your new pages and text focusing on widget A you can submit the URLs of your updated pages using canada goose Google Webmaster Tools. In theory, this could impact your bottom line.

cheap Canada Goose Example of Webmaster Tools Making a Difference:Recently I published the article: Lego Friends, The New, Girl Themed Lego Set! on HubPages. The topic of the article cheap Canada Goose is mainly about Lego’s new Lego set marketed to young girls, with mention of a possible controversy over the toy in the final paragraph.

I happened to notice through stats on HubPages, as well as Google Analytics, canada goose factory sale that my page was getting hits based on search terms about the brewing Lego for girls controversy, the bit I mentioned at the end of my article.

canada goose Based https://www.canadagoosesale.info on the search queries, and the most likely temporary «hotness» of this story, I reacted quickly and updated my article’s opening paragraph and summary (meta description) so as to capitalize on this unexpected traffic a little more.

canada goose black friday sale In order for Google to recognize my updates more quickly, I submitted the URL of my updated page via Webmaster Tools. Now, I don’t know how quickly Google would have re crawled my revised page otherwise, but I do know that after submitting it through Webmaster Tools, my updated paragraph and description were indexed within hours. The article moved up a spot in Google’s results and perhaps I got more traffic.

Canada Goose Outlet How to add a site or URL using Webmaster ToolsWith an understanding of why submitting an URL via Webmaster Tools can make a difference, the next step is to learn where and how to accomplish this task.

Note: Wisely, Google places limits on the number of URLs that can uk canada goose outlet be submitted. The purpose is not to submit pages with minor changes or typographical errors. The purpose is to submit new websites, new pages, or pages with significant changes that could affect how your page comes up in search engine results.

canada goose coats Be sure to watch the video below after reading steps 1 11.

canada goose deals Step 2: If you do not have a Google account, create one. If Canada Goose online you have a Google account, sign in.

Canada Goose online Step 3: Canada Goose Jackets Add your site to manage using the canadian goose jacket big red «add a site» button. If you have more than one website, add them each separately. There are several methods to choose from. For HubPage owners that don’t have access to the web server, use this method:

buy canada goose jacket cheap click on the «alternate method» tab

select «Use your Google Analytics account»

click verify

follow the directions

Canada Goose Jackets Step 5: Now that you have verified that you are the site owner, your site will appear in the canada goose outlet list and you can click on the site’s URL.

Step 6: Click on «Diagnostics» in the dashboard

canada goose clearance sale Step Canada Goose Parka 7: Click on «Fetch as Googlebot»

Canada Goose sale Step 8: Enter your URL and click «Fetch»

If you want to update canada goose clearance sale the home page just leave the text box blank and click «fetch.»

Additional SEO Help for HubPagesKeep in mind, submitting Canada Goose Outlet your site to Google and having it indexed sooner than later, is meaningless if the website or article will be buried in millions of search results. For organic search traffic, it canada goose black friday sale is imperative to get listed on the first page of Google results. Understanding and implementing solid search engine optimization techniques is practically the only way to accomplish this goal. Be sure to read the articles canada goose store below to get a better understanding of SEO and HubPages.

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