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canada goose store As a military nerd I would like to share some info about that. China once had an even bigger military force in the 80 with over 4 million men in service. Now it is only canada goose clearance sale about 2.2 mil.

canada goose black friday sale But back in the 80 the Soviet Union had an even bigger sized canada goose jacket outlet army, with 4.2 mil men! And in my military research, at that time the objective of the Chinese canada goose uk outlet military in the scene of a soviet invasion is to successfully defend a position against a Russian regiment (about 5000 men) with a Chinese Field Army (about 70,000 men)! And Soviet military units with the same size was widely considered inferior uk canada goose than the US military.

canada goose coats so today the US has about 1.2 mil servicemen. China has about 2.2 mil. with buy canada goose jacket cheap a God forbidden good exchange ratio (for China) of 1:2, US can still win. If we consider US can only spend about 1/4 of its military in Asia Pacific Theater at canada goose clearance most, the exchange ratio would be 1:8, still too optimistic for China in my opinion.

canada goose clearance TL;DR: China has more guys, but not as many as you think, and the technology and logistics advantage that the US has can multiply its manpower by the factor of 10 20.

Brave canada goose factory sale man but he posed himself in danger. And it won work.

Canada Goose online But most importantly, non of this matters in terms of canada goose black friday sale history.

cheap Canada Goose Communist China, Communist Russian and Nazi Germany are all totalitarian regimes. but they are very different. Before Nazis, Germany used to have canada goose coats on sale an (ill functional) democracy, a vivid civil society, and a free market economy. China did not have any of these. It was mostly an agricultural society, which very few modern cities and industries. What happened in Germany can be call the regression of history, in China it cannot, it has not progressed there yet.

buy canada goose jacket To my opinion, the term limit in the Constitution is a weird thing. Usually the cheap Canada Goose power is not really on the head of the government, like in the soviet union, but on the General Secretary of the Communist Party. So why cheap canada goose uk do you want to remove term limit for a ritualistic position? The only explanation, from my observation, is that Xi is actually trying to shift the power to the actual Canada Goose Coats On Sale government, or at least to his inner circles in the government system, Canada Goose online not the party system, because of many known and unknown reasons.

canada goose deals This is not because of he has a wise plan to gradually turn the country into a democracy, but sheer political interests. This is a very ugly move, and a bad news for those who likes the democratic values. But for the first time in Chinese history, the PRC government has more power than the Canada Goose Parka party.

Canada Goose Parka And Xi, as the one and the only President, of this new PRC government, rules his empire as a real dictator. Not as a General Secretary, not as a Chairman, but a President. I know it all sounds the same to you, but a life long president is much better Canada Goose Jackets than most general secretaries. canada goose coats Xi wants to become a dictator in a more sense, not a communist dictator, which most westerner do not have a good idea what it means. (a hint, it is much worse, or look at Kim of the best Korea)

A dictatorship is still a bad thing, but it is a thing the world can manage. Generally speaking, Xi would do all the other dictators do, which means he is predictable. Putin is Canada Goose Online another example. Is it really possible to run against Putin in Russia? No. But it is totally OK if you want to throw one or two political gatherings, whether for or against him. Not everything is in his control. China is different. But the battlefield would not be China vs world, communism vs capitalism, but Xi vs world, dictatorship vs other forms of government, sometimes even communist ones. The value system that Mao created would gradually collapse, if it has not completely collapsed yet. It Canada Goose sale is a big deal, but not so many people see it.

canadian goose jacket It is a step forward, not backward. It is just very ugly and most people don see it that way, because Canada Goose Outlet it fits too good to the classic dictators overthrowing democracy paradigm, which didn really happened that much in history, and very far from the situation in China, even farther from the politic diagrams that Chinese are familiar with.

canada goose I see a lot of Chinese saying they are disappointed. I am not. I am far over that, like 10 15 years ago. This is not surprising. Most of us saw its coming. And we could do nothing about it. Those who hoped that China would become a democracy, Chinese and foreigner alike, are hopelessly stupid.

Canada Goose Jackets That being said. I feel regretful for the millions of Chinese people who died in pursuit of democracy for the last 100 years. We heard their stories at school. We saw them plotting revolutions in movies. We recited their poems and sayings from childhood. We were canada goose uk shop told we have to continue their fight. Now they are betrayed. Of course the native speakers can tell from the semantics even there is none. There is no pitch change necessarily as I know. canada goose No, it is not an /ou/, but inevitably you can hear in native speakers word flow.

is a compound word. means net. not sure. I think it is a manga word uk canada goose outlet and I am not familiar with that.

No difference between and. They just want to make the name looks cute and exotic.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Koganei canada goose store i is not a long vowel. It is a different syllable because it actually has a meaning(water well) and a Kanji.

Canada Goose Outlet I agree with canadian goose jacket your observation of and. My suggestion is that you better not talk about phonology with laymen because very few people have linguistic training and cannot tell differences between many phonemes.

Canada Goose sale is just conventional orthography. You can write and people can understand. It just looks canada goose uk black friday weird.

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