Let say 65% of voters in a riding are terrified of seeing Rob

BallBearingBill u

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It not really the case; CBC News was given the minimum score for left centre reporting, which mediabiasfactcheck typically gives to entities that report high quality cheap canada goose uk news but don go out of their buy canada goose jacket way to completely and utterly strip their stories of any sort of perceived bias. Their standards for https://www.canadagooseoutletstore.co.uk a 0 score are exceedingly high.

canada goose coats on sale If you going to use mediabiasfactcheck you need to more thoroughly understand their methodology. Getting a minimum left centre score with a factual rating of High means it a high quality, mostly unbiased source. Their standards are very rigorous.

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Canada Goose Parka This strike me as sketchy, and I say that as someone who has no canada goose coats on sale intention of supporting the Liberal candidate in my riding.

Canada Goose Outlet But my read of this is that the OPC submits a formal letter of complaint to Elections Ontario claiming Liberals have been holding campaign style announcements with government resources.

Dutifully, Elections Ontario investigates this serious claim while Canada Goose Outlet OPC uses the investigation that they instigated, whose basis is currently unsubstantiated, to smear Canada Goose Jackets the Liberals.

Sounds like anyone can manufacture an investigation and make hay out of it while it in progress regardless of cheap Canada Goose the merits or conclusion of said investigation.

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Yes that is how the voting system works. Most people vote the way they do regardless of issues and who actually running. Ask anyone around you if they know who their MPP is. I would bet that >50% don know. Ask those same people if they know how many parties are running in the Ont election. Again I bet >50% don know.

canada goose clearance The majority of people just don care enough and they either say I PC or I Lib and go on about their day. The media makes the situation worse because they care about ratings and only talk about parties with official status.

canadian goose jacket FPTP is for electing ridings, ie representatives.

Canada Goose online This is often forgotten when you canada goose black friday sale hear things like popular vote canada goose uk outlet and what not. The canadian goose jacket election is not the popular vote, you must appeal to the province as a whole.

Canada Goose Jackets and dilutes canada goose the voting power of groups that don consolidate their vote in spite of more individual differences

You can blame the parties for that. I looked at every party in this election and tried to place them in Canada Goose Parka either Lib or Con categories and it was quite split with several canada goose uk shop neutral. So the uk canada goose dilution argument is moot since canada goose uk black friday it should dilute evenly if all canada goose coats things were equal.

canada goose deals I don care to debate this anymore. It your vote and you can use Canada Goose Online it how you please but I canada goose clearance firmly believe that you should always vote for your Canada Goose online best represented vision or we will always have a 2 party system.

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canada goose clearance sale It sounds like they wondering if they can apply for it in the first place, but way to assume the worst of the impoverished and disabled, dude.

I done a little bit of advocacy work for people on ODSP, and I just going to canada goose store say that canada goose factory sale it easy to snark about «gaming the system» and «ripping canada goose clearance sale off hardworking citizens» when you not a severely disabled person who has to choose between staying with someone you love and having to uk canada goose outlet be supported entirely by that person room and board, drugs, medical devices and uncovered care, and all until you exhaust most of their money and yours or divorcing/separating so you can qualify for a barely survivable amount of money after trying to survive on OW for six months to a year (or longer if an appeal is needed, which it often is) while your application works its way through MCSS.

I hope you can learn a little bit of empathy without having to experience that firsthand.

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The winner is already not representative of the wishes of the people. Let say 65% of voters in a riding are terrified of seeing Rob Ford as Premier so they all vote for the party they would like to see in power Canada Goose Coats On Sale instead. 35% vote PC, 30% vote Liberal, 25% vote NDP, and 10% vote Green. Rob Ford is now Premier because the majority of voters couldn pick one party to support. They had 65% of the vote and still lost because we have a shitty voting system.

«Wasting» your vote is having the party you like the least win the seat because you voted for someone with buy canada goose jacket cheap no chance of winning that seat.

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How do you figure that? I gave a hypothetical example of a single riding. The PCs won that riding even though they only had 35% of the vote. All the other votes don matter anymore. 1 seat for the PCs.

Now if this happens in every riding, 35% 35% 35%, the PCs have every Canada Goose sale single seat, a majority, complete total majority. With 35%. How exactly would there be jackets a reelection? Why would nothing pass?

cheap Canada Goose With 4 parties, a party could theoretically win a seat with only one vote more than 25%. The other 75% of votes go into the trash. Awesome system.

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buy canada goose jacket cheap I agree that more effort and money needs to go towards rehab. However I would take it a step further and spend some money on awareness. The best way to combat drug addiction is to stop people from wanting to try drugs in the first place. Lets face it, once you addicted to hard drugs it is VERY hard to stop. If it were easy then we would have created a path to fix the issue.

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