SavenokNow having seen Lyonne’s film not once

Watch Natasha Lyonne's Super-Surrealist Directorial Debut like it5 For Kenzo

Cabiria, Charity, Chastity, a surrealist short film Natasha Lyonne linked site3 directed for Kenzo, came out Designer Replica Bags today. A week ago, when I called Lyonne to talk about Replica Designer Handbags the film that marks her linked website directorial debut after 32 years in wholesale replica read more here designer handbags front of the camera as an actress, she had expressed concern that I hadn’t been allowed to see her like it3 then-unreleased project homesite9 beforehand: “I don’t know if I care enough to, unprompted, Replica Bags think of cute things replica Purse to replica handbags china say,” she said.But linked site1 then, homesite8 all of a sudden, that turned to animated delight. “It’s actually click over here5 a great surrealist exercise to have a conversation with an interviewer who’s never seen linked site2 the movie and has no idea homesite6 click over here2 what you’re talking about and how important the movie is—it’s really homesite5 on-theme for the film, so maybe that’s something worth writing Designer Fake Bags about," she said. "I’m being dead serious—I think that could be very funny.”facebook dialogPinterestKenzo, Humberto Leon, Carol Lim and Natasha Lyonne’s Premiere of Cabiria, linked site Charity, Chastity at Public Arts.Ilya S. SavenokNow having seen Lyonne’s film not once, purse replica handbags but twice, like it I Wholesale Replica Bags can also add that the premiere click over here3 itself like it0 was a great surrealist exercise. When more info I watched it the second time around with Kim Gordon, Chloë Sevigny, a significant portion high quality replica handbags of Lyonne’s costars from Orange Is the New Black, and the rest who made it out on Wednesday night—aka the grand finale of New York cheap replica handbags Fashion Week, homesite7 to Public Arts in the basement of the Public Hotel—the room was click over here4 so packed click over here9 that much of the crowd couldn’t see the subtitles translating the invented language that makes up much of the film’s dialogue.Though it Handbags Replica could probably pass for Italian if spoken by the man in the Red Room in Twin Peaks, it’s in fact complete “gibberish,” words made Replica Bags Wholesale up by the film’s star and Lyonne's longtime friend, Maya Rudolph. “Frankly, replica handbags online it was born out of a mean-spirited, child-like, punk impetus of, 'What is linked site0 a short film? homesite0 Who’s really watching them?'” Lyonne explained like it9 during a Q&A before the screening.Rudolph, click over here7 click over here who plays Chastity, a like it8 mix like it1 between Giulietta click over here0 Masina of Fellini’s La click over here1 Strada Fake like it4 Handbags click over here6 and Shirley MacLaine Replica Handbags of Bob Fosse’s Sweet Charity, wasn't the only friend Lyonne cast—the film also includes Lyonne’s boyfriend, Fred Armisen, and her old pal Macaulay Culkin, both of whom show up in face paint. The most instrumental friend, though, never appears on screen: According to Lyonne, Sevigny, a recent actress-turned-filmmaker herself, watched the film “74 times” before that night's premiere. (Armisen may be her boyfriend, she said, but Sevigny is her "husband.")“It’s been very intimate—she’s showed it a like it6 lot to Chloë, but she’s kept it pretty private,” Humberto Leon, Kenzo’s co-creative director said after the screening of working with Lyonne, whom he related site first met over a decade ago through Sevigny; they hit it off at KnockOff Handbags a barbecue. (Waris Ahluwalia briefly interrupted to proclaim how excited he was to homesite finally see the film—he hadn't seen it yet, either, despite the fact that he homesite1 appears in it.)facebook dialogPinterestFred Armisen on the set of Cabiria, Charity, Chastity.Joyce KimNot that Lyonne's "pretty private" process has at all bothered Leon or his co-creative director, Carol Lim, with whom he’s now put out five short films under the brand’s name. “There’s no formula—we try to experiment with it. We’ve click over here8 built it aaa replica designer handbags in a way where we can just do new things and try them out,” Leon said. “I homesite4 try to look at these as films that could possibly stand the test of time, not just fashion films that are about the brand. In fact, I think the less people think about the clothing when they’re watching, the better.”More importantly to Leon, though, Lyonne now seems to have caught the “directing bug,” just like Carrie Brownstein, who directed their last short film (which Lyonne appears in, and which also happened to be Brownstein's first).“She was so homesite3 at homesite2 home and at ease, and it was our web page so cool," Leon said. "She was like, This is what I Fake Designer Bags want to do now—I want to direct."facebook dialogPinterestSarah Soquel Morhaim Kenzo Recruits Your Moms, Carrie Brownstein like it7 like it2 and Natasha Lyonne, For Its Latest Viral VideoSee W’s most popular videos:.

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