On Huaihai Road, a strip marked by French style garden villas

House…. Neighborhood Santa Teresa

House with 2 rooms.
One cm suite and Kitchen Bathroom AREA on the front
ALL AREA in the best porcelanato q All painted semi Emmassada inside and Plaster lining cm Led luminaires and roof tapes: Cement tile in blanket Doors all Blindex in all windows and some Marble countertop table stove Tramontina Front door in hardwood Electric fence cm Aluminum door white cm
Value 270 Mil
We accept proposals in MORE INFORMATION 991431107 cm zap zap.

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The first stage of the campaign presents a new video animation by artist David Shrigley highlighting the effect of the funding cuts and a new work by Jeremy Deller with Scott King and William Morris. Each week, the work of a different artist will be released. Mark Wallinger will present the next project.

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