Joseph Blocker, initially fits that diagnosis; he is not a

Its protagonist, Capt. Joseph Blocker, initially fits that diagnosis; he is not a hero, never was and never will be. He a cavalry soldier in 1892 New Mexico who has witnessed slaughter and survived with scars of his own. Excellence is a laudable goal but is often unattainable. Continually trying and continually failing to reach the goal of excellence can lead to disappointment, unhappiness and a sense of being unfulfilled in life. But no one talks about that.

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13 March 2017 (Monday)

India-born top American prosecutor Preet Bharra, who is known for his fight against corruption, has «fired» by the Trump Administration. Bharara had refused to obey the order of the Trump administration to immediately resign to 46 lawyers appointed during the Barack Obama administration, after which this step was taken.
• Bharara tweeted and said, I did not resign. wholesale replica designer handbags

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